From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: [PW] Battle among allies Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 8:29 PM Scy and Shock were walking along the path from Viridian city to Pallet town. Shock appeared to be deep in thought. "Hey, remember when I was in the Celedon gym?" Shock asked Scy. "Yess," Scy said, "I do. Why?" "I challened you to a pokemon battle there. But we never actually battled," Shock explained. "Let's battle now." "Fine," Scy said, "four-on-four battle." "Agreed. Go, Clefairy!" Shock let Clefairy out of its pokeball, ready to battle. "Go, Omelet!" Scy cried, and Exeggute popped out. "Omelet, barrage, now!" Scy said. Omelet shot itself out, one by one, at Clefairy. "Clefairy, dodge the attack!" Shock cried. Clefairy ducked and one Exeggute flew over her head. "Exeggute!" said the Exeggute as it returned to the other exeggute. "Clefairy, metronome, now!" Shock cried. "Clefairy, Clefairy, Clefairy!" chanted Clefairy as it waved her fingers around. Then a red light shot forth and slammed into Omelet. It flew back about 5 feet and lay there. "Omelet, ssolar beam, now!" Scy exclaimed. "Exeggute!" said Omelet as it started to gather energy from the sun. "Clefairy, Thunder, now!" Shock said. Clefairy gathered electric energy from the surrounding area and sent it all out at Omelet. Omelet dodged the attack and sent out the solar energy it had gathered at Clefairy. Clefairy fkew back in pain and lay there. "Clefairy, return!" Shock cried, "Go Nidorina!" "Omelet return!" Scy cried, "Go Taco!" "Cloyster!" Taco exclaimed as it came forth from its pokeball. "Nidorina, poison sting!" Shock cried. Nidorina rummed its horn into Taco's shell. "Taco, sspike cannon, now!" Scy said. Taco closed it's shell and started rolling towards Nidorina. "Nidorina, roll to the side and bite it!" Shock cried. Nidorina did just that and bit Taco. It soon became to clear to Scy that Cloyster was too slow to hit Nidorina, but Nidorina had no attacks that could hit Taco except poison sting. This became clear to Shock a few minutes later. "Poison sting now!" Shock exclaimed, "Keep doing it!" Nidorina rammed its head into the shell of Taco. Then, it walked over and rammed its horn into the opening in Taco's shell. Taco fell over in pain, and Nidorina started scratching at its shell. "Taco, return!" Scy said, Go Stalker!" "Nidorina, return!" Shock cried, "Go Magnemite!" "Sstalker wing attack, now!" Scy cried. Stalker flew close to Magnemite and attacked Magnemite with its wings. "This will be short, Thundershock, now!" Shock cried. Magnemite shot electric energy at Stalker and it crashed on the ground in pain. "Gusst, Now!" Scy cried. Stalker flapped its wings and made a small tornado at Magnemte. Magnemite dodged it and sent another thundershock at Stalker. "Stalker, return!" Scy said, "Go Blubber!" "Magnemite, return! Go Weedle!" Shock said. Scy laughed at the sight. A huge Snorlax vs. a small Weedle. Snorlax was sleeping. "Weedle, poison sting now!" Shock cried. Weedle stuck it's stinger into Blubber, but it didn't seem to affect it. "Keep doing it Weedle!" Shock encouraged him. After 10 minutes of this, Weedle seemed to be getting discouraged. It stopped attacking the Snorlax and stood still. Then it started glowing. It changed form and became a Kakuna. "Kakuna, poison sting!" Shock cried. Kakuna just lay there. Scy was doubled over, laughing. "What's so funny?" Shock asked. "Kakuna only know harden!" Scy said. "Oh," Shock said. Then, Blubber rolled over on top of Kakuna. "Kakuna, harden, now!" Shock cried. Kakuna hardened its shell and Blubber started tossing and turning in its sleep. Then it started rolling over and over. It started rolling down a small creavice on the side of the path. "Blubber, return!" Scy said. "Kakuna, return!" Shock said. "You won," Scy said, "Let's keep going. It'll be dark soon." "Okay," said Shock and they continued walking towards Pallet town. TBC......?