From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: [PW!] Bed Go Up, Bed Go Down! Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 7:57 PM > Tenchi gave up, and shoved Doc Proc out of the way, heading over to a > nurse. She gasped and helped Tenchi set Natasha down on a gurney. > > As they weeled her into the emergancy room, Tenchi sighed. He wasn;t > surprised that Giovanni had shot his own daughter. Now it was just a > matter of time. > > TBC [yeesh, the hosptial seems to be a second home for theese two] > > -otaku67 [OOC: LOL, I was telling my friend about the many injuries of Tenchi and Natasha since they've met. After I finished, and not including this last one, her reacion was a blank stare, then, "So, why aren't they dead yet?!"] Natasha came to briefly while being wheeled into the emergency room. "Oooh, pretty colors... Hiya Miss Nursey Lady Person Thingy! Why's your head on upside down?" She started to lift her head up, but passed back out after an inch. With a little groan of pain, Natasha woke up again a few hours later. She looked around, confused. Everything was...white! "Pretty colors go bye-bye..." Five seconds passed. "This is boring...what does this do?!" She picked up the bed control pad and pressed a button. The head of the bed rose. "Ooh, NEAT!! What does this one do?" Another button made the feet lift. "Oooh, it's a magic bed! I gotta play with it!" Natasha proceeded to pound every button on the pad. "Bed go up, bed go down, bed go up, bed go down, bed go up, bed go down! Hey, Miss Nursey Lady Person Thingy! Lookit what the bed does! Bed go up, bed go down, bed go up, bed go down, bed go up, bed go down, bed go up, bed go down..." The nurse blinked. "Stop that! The motor will blow out..." "But it's fun! Bed go up, bed go down, bed go up, bed go down..." "Arg, give me that..." She moved forward and tried to grab the control. "NO! Bad Miss Nursey Lady Person Thingy! This is *my* magic bed!" The nurse twitched and walked out of the room, meeting with an *intelligent* doctor in the hall. "I just don't understand this...she was shot in the side! There's no reason for this..." "Bed go up, bed go down...ooh, bed go sideways! Bed go other way! Yay!" --Natasha V.