From: The Carroll's <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Bed Go Up, Bed Go Down! Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 8:03 AM Otaku67 wrote: > > > > >Natasha went back to watching the movie. She sniffed the air and > >laughed. "You stinky!! You smell like my mommy after she had a...uh...a > >something bad day! When I told someone that she'd had a...something bad > >day, she got all mad, so I guess I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but > >she's not here, so...uh...WHERE'S MY ICE CREAM?! You gots vanilla!!! > >That's my ice cream!! Gimme! You tooked it!" > > > >I Just Can't Wait to be King started on the movie. Natasha went back to > >staring at the screen, singing along as off-key as inhumanly possible. > > > > [OOC: meets Natasha on floor laughing] > > Tenchi and Natasha started fighting over the ice cream, when two nurses came > in. > > "One of them has to go." > > "Ok, Natasha." > > "No, the D-R-U-N-K" > > Tenchi looked up. "I am not drunk! I am...A jedi!" > > [thud] > > Natasha took this opertunity to steal the ice cream. "Zazzo bad bird! He ninja > crow in disquise" She chucked the Ice cream at the screen. Tenchi had made > himself busy acting like a Magikarp. > > "KArp, karp Magikarp" > > The nurses groaned and facefaulted again. > > TBC Booga facefualted with the nurses and hit his head a little too hard... "Oooh! I can fly around in circles! Wheeeeee! Uh oh! I dizzy now! Oooh! What dat? The Persian King?" Booga hovered upside-down. The nurses strapped him to the bed next to Natasha. "Why do these things keep happening?" One nurse sighed. Tenchi finished acting like a Magikarp. "Hey.... where my ice cream go?" "Oooh! they get ice cream? Mee too!" Booga said, "I need ice cream, 'cuz I'm a purple Pikachu!" "And I'm a green Caterpie!" Tenchi said. "And I'm a blue Jiggy puff!" Natasha spoke up, then began singing out of tune, "Jiiiigeee puuuuuff! Jiiiiigeeee puuuuff! Jiiiii iiiigeeee puuuuuuuuff!" "Arrrgh!" both nurses said, as Natasha continued singing. TBC -- Booga