From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Bed Go Up, Bed Go Down! Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 6:53 PM Otaku67 wrote: <snip> > [OOC: ROTFLMAO! My friend read this thread, and all he could say was "So...Why > arn't they locked up in a dark cell in Arkham?"] > > Tenchi was finnaly coming out of his drunken state. > > "ohh man..havn't felt this hung over since that Cinnibar island party" > > He then noticed Bogga on the floor, mumbaling about ice cream, and Natasha > hugging the TV "Pretty Simba! Pretty pretty Simba!" > > "Oy..." > > Natasha proceded to hop up and down on the bed, and considering she was just > wearing a hospital gown, revealed more than Tenchi would've expected. That > sobered him up, and Bogga took notice. > > "Wow..nice" Tenchi backhanded him. > > After a few minutes, Tenchi decided he should help her cover up. He handed her > a robe, which she proptey used as a cape. > > "I'm Zubatgirl!" > > [thud] > > TBC [wonder how long shes gonna be crazy. This keeps gettin better and better!] > > -otaku67 [OOC: OH MY GODDISH...I *literally* spit water all over the keyboard, moniter, mouse, and myself after reading that!!! Zubatgirl!!] Natasha ran around in circles. "Zubatgirl!! With all the powers of a rabid spider!! And I can fly, too!" She stood up on the bed and leapt off, landing with a heavy *thud*. "Owie." She looked at Tenchi for a moment. "EEEEKKKK!!! ICKY BOY! ICKY BOY! RUN! ICKY BOY!!! MOMMYYYYYYYY!!!!" She ran headlong into a wall. Before anyone could react, she sat down on the floor cross-legged, facing the wall. "What?! Well, I double-triple-dare you to infinity plus one!! Darers go first! But...but...okay, but it's your fault if I get cooties..." Natasha stood up and sort of wandered towards Tenchi, trying to act like she was just going somewhere. When she was in front of him, she looked up and gasped, pretending to be startled. "Uh...hi." She glanced over her shoulder. "Uh, um, yeah. And, uh, you're, uh, kinda...uh...cute..." Giggling madly, Natasha ran and dove on the other side of the bed. "Didja see that?! I went right up to him and said it, and now you've got too, too! 'Cuz, you promised! Darers can't back out...but I double-triple dared you to infinity plus one! Not gonna, huh? Okay then..." She reached forward, then stood up and ran to the other side of the room. "You've got cooties too!...hey, leggo! Get offa me!! Hey, that tickles...quit it! No, STOP! PLEASE...MOMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!" Natasha fell down onto the floor and rolled around, laughing insanely. --Natasha V.