From: <> Subject: [PW] Blaine's Volcanic Temper Date: Monday, June 14, 1999 3:28 PM Tiki walked to the Pokecenter and got his Pokemon healed, then he walked towards the Cinnibar Gym the rest of the group had gone off somewhere, since they already had Volcano Badges. Tiki walked into the gym using the key that the group had given him. As he walked down the halls of the Cinnibar gym a Junior trainer popped up in front of him, "Hey you're a Pokemon trainer, if you want to get to Blaine you've got to get through me!!!" the trainer squeled, "Alright two Pokemon each!" The boy took a Pokeball and threw it, a Flareon apperead. "If you insist," Tiki wanted to make this quick so he decided to use Twirl, " GO TWIRL!!!!" the Starmie apperead. "Alright Flareon Use your Bite attack." "FLARE!!!" The Flaron Jumped at Twirl with it's mouth gapping open ready to bite. "Twirl Hydro Pump it into it's Mouth." the Starmie sent out a huge torrent of water right into the Flareon's face. The Flareon flew backwards but managed to recover. "Ahhh Flareon, hang in there, Leer attack," the Flareon gave Twirl a funny look decreasing it's defense, "Alright now Bite again, but be careful." The Fleron started running at the Starmie "Twirl Surf Attack," A wave of water formed behind the Starmie and crashed forward, it was too big for the Flareon to avoid. It smashed into the Pokemon, making it faint. "Flareon return, alright go Magamar," the upright standing Lizard type pokemon apperead ready for battle. "Okay Magmar you Leer the Starmie also," the Magmar did so decreasing Twirl's defense even more. "Twirl Surf Attack again." Another wave began to form. "Quickly Magmar Metronome," after some swaying the Magmar unleashed an electrical blast into the Starmie, making it faint (due to the Leers), unfortunatly for the junior trainer the wave ended up hitting Magmar making him faint as well. "Shoot, oh well at least you won't have that water Pokemon when you battle Blaine." the trainer stuck his toungue out at Tiki and ran off to get some Potions. Tiki thought about turning around but he looked back only to see a bunch of Junor trainers coming from the way he came. They'd all want a battle, and Tiki didn't want to risk his other Pokemon's safety, so he ran towards Blaine. Tiki stepped into an arenaand saw a balding man at the other side, wearing a trench coat. He stood up, "Do you wish to challenge me?" he asked. "If you're Blaine I do," Tiki replied. The man jumped off the little podium his chair was on, "That I am, we shall each use two Pokemon, for my first Pokemon I choose Aracnine." the large dog Pokemon apperead. "Very well for my first Pokemon I choose, Bullseye," the large Pidgeot apperead. "PIDGEOOOTTTT (It's ass kicking time)" "Alright Bullseye Agility, then Sky attack the Arcanine," Tiki yelled. "Arcanine use Agility yourself, now Dragon rage the bird." Blaine said in a solemn voice. Both Pokemon used agility at the same time then Bullseye flew up into the sky and started dive bombing Arcanine. However Arcanine released the green flames of Dragon Rage from his mouth, Bullseye tried to avoid the attack but the Arcanine's green breath managed to get the Bird's wing. Because of this the Sky Attack Missed. "Shoot, okay Mirror Move the Dragon Rage," the Arcanine who had dodged the Pidgeot's attack, tried dodged the green fire. "TAKE IT DOWN ARCANINE!!!" Blaine yelled. The dog jumped into the air and landed on Bullseye's head. "Shoot Bullseye's getting pretty weak, I know a Super Potion." Tiki took out a spray gun that had the words 'Super Potion' on it. Tiki turned the nozzle on it so it clicked. Then he pulled the trigger and a blue liquid flew out and hit Bullseye, seeming to rejuvinate him. "PIDGEOT!!!!" He flew up into the air, while Tiki had been using a Super Potion Blaine had used an 'X ATTACK' on Arcanine. "Alright Arcanine, finish it with a Flamethrower!" "Bullseye, Mirror Move intercept it's attack." the two streams of fire met, but because of the X ATTACK the Arcanine's was more powerfulled, it pushed through Bullseye's and hit him. "AHHHH, we haven't even hit him yet Bullseye, okay try your Fly Attack on him." The Pidgeot flew up once again but instead of dive bombing, started flapping his wings, it created a little tornado, Arcanine tried to avoid it but it smacked into him, picke himup and dropped him on the ground, "ALRIGHT!!! Now while it's down, Sky Attack," the Pidgeot already high up dive bombed the Arcanine smacking into it. "Mother Fu... Arcanine use Dragon rage again." The Arcanine flipped up and exhaled the green flame which hit Bullseye right in the face, knocking him out. "Bullseye return, go Zip!!!" the little Pikachu apperead ready to kick some doggy butt. "Okay Zip Agility, up now, Swift attack." the pikachu speeded up and then skidded right in front of the Arcanine, releasing energy stars which smacked into the dog sending it flying, as Zip got a critical hit. Arcanine tried to get up but then fainted. "Shoot alright, Arcanine return, for my last pokemon I choose, Rapidash, go!!!!" the fiery unicorn, apperead. "Alright use agility yourself, now Stomp the Pikachu." the horse started running at Zip then right in front of Zip stopped realed up and came crashing down,. Zip ran under the Rapidash and stopped under him. "Alright Zip while under him, Thunder," The Rapidash looked under himself in time to see the pikachui unleash a storm of electricity into the gut of the Rapidash,. The unicorn flew upwards, and fell about three feet to the left of Zip. "Damn it Damn it DAMN IT!!!!" Blaine yelled, he took out, a hyper potion and shot it onto Rapidash. "Okay Rapidash return the favor by Fire Spinning the little rodent." Zip hearing this started running towards the Rapidash. But he wasn't fast enough. Zip jumped at the Rapidash only to hit a flamewall, knocking him into the center of the fire column. It closed in on him and then hit him sending him into the air. "Zip as you come down, use Swift,' Zip recovered in mid air and stuck his foot out as he started descending little energy starts started coming out of the foot. Rapidash tried dodging the Pikachu but it smashed into it's back. "RAPPPPIDASH!!!!" Zip somehow managed to land on top of the Rapidash's back. "Okay Zip finish it with another Thunder." Zip started glowing with electricity, thenunleashed it into the Rapidash making it faint. The Rapidash fell to the ground right as Zip jumped off. "Alright, Zgood job Zip return." "Return Rapidash,. You're very good young man, well here you are you deserve it." Blaine threw Tiki a Volcano Badge. Tiki clipped it on and started walking out of the gym, he put on his shades and walked out, he needed to meet the gang at the Pokecenter. TBC (Someone else write what heppens to the others while I'm in the gym) ________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL ME: "Children come suck on my black salty balls." Chef from South Park (refering to candy) Ghaleon (Magic Emperor) from Lunar:SSSC- "Now I will be King of the World but who will be my Queen?!?!?!" (Don't look at me I'm not that kind of guy!!!!!) Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.