From: Bean <bean118@aol.comma> Subject: [PW][NC] Boy, I'm finally gonna finish this up. Date: Sunday, June 20, 1999 12:07 PM <listens for the collective cheer of the crowd> Oh, good. This has been hanging forever, and it needs a conclusion. And I mean now. Enjoy. "Great. What do we do now?" Erin asked. Taking a good look around her, she found several psychic Pokémon, plus Angel, ready to fight. "Team Rocket," Angel bravely stepped up to the team as a whole, "we challenge you to a Pokémon battle. If we win, Mew goes free, if we loose..." she paused here for a bit, "You guys keep Mew. Deal?" "Angel!" Alyssa hissed, clinging tight to James, "stop that!" Jessie ignored Alyssa, and gave a cold scowl to Angel. "We accept." Hey, it 'ont take much to send a mob of angry psychic Pokémon on their way. Zanthrax, Robert, and Mars were ready to fight, and Olli and Mace, whom both just so happened to be out, followed suit. Angel called out her Bulbasaur, and Erin, trying to pretend she knew what she was doing, released Twist. Team Rocket brought out their Pokémon, too -- you could make out a Nidorino, a Bellsprout, an Oddish, a Venonat, and, of course, Arbok and Wheezing over the other Pokémon. What a bloodfest. Zanthrax made quick work of Bellsprout, and Mace had a ball with Nidorino. Twist burnt Oddish pretty well, while Robert ended up plucking Venonat's antennae. However, Angel's Bulbasaur, Mars, and Olli had snuck off. They had themselves a plan. "Whee whee..." Koffing was trying to find a place to help. "Bone!" Olli came up behind him. However, it's not always the *best* idea to scare a Wheezing, and Olli got a face full of smoke. Flailing his bone wildly, he somehow managed to hit Wheezing. They were only little ninny smacks, but nonetheless smacks. "WHEEZING!" both Alyssa and James cried at the same time. Alyssa would have seen more, but Mars had just appeared right in her face. "Lovely day, isn't it, Lyss?" Mars nervously giggled. "Mars?" Alyssa asked. "You mind? I'm trying to figure out what's happening to James' Wheezi-" "Oh! Nothing much," interrupted Mars. Behind Alyssa, Angel's Bulbasaur hid very carefully. As Mars was talking, it reached a careful vine up and stole a pokéball. He peered around Alyssa, and motioned for Mars to come on. "Well, nice talking to you, 'Lyss!" Mars grinned, then followed Bulbasaur to the battle sight of Wheezing and Olli. "Bulba!" "Cuu?" Olli turned around to Bulbasaur and Mars. "Right, right, we got the Pokéball. Ready?" "Cubone.." "Okay, one last shot. But make it quick!" Olli then preceded to knock Wheezing directly into James (and Alyssa, coincidentally). Happy with what he did, he gleefully followed the other two Pokémon ----- "Mew? Mew, is that you?" Mars, Bulbasaur and Olli had found their way to Mew. The small cat Pokémon turned two pleading eyes to the trio. "Help?" She pleaded. Mars took the pokéball from Bulbasaur and tossed it on the ground. It released Alyssa's Scyther, Ogama. "Ogama," Mars commanded, "cut Mew free." "Scyther! Scyther scy!" "OK, then, let me correct myself. Do it NOW or you'll end up like a second grade science project on bugs -- crunched." Ogama wasn't about to argue with that. Mew found herself free fairly quickly. The cat flew up above the whole convention. "Listen, Team Rocket!" She shouted to just about everyone. "I'm free now. I don't like what you did to me. Therefore, you're all in for it." Had you of been in Cerulean that day, you could have heard the Team Rocket screams as they all got a psywave from Mew (not to mention a pleading whimper of "JAMES!"). Bean "We can't hunt partriges anymore. I know it was fun hunting Bobby and their multi-colored bus, but I have to let you go." -Caitlin Remove ma to reply