From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Causing Chaos in Cerulean! Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 10:55 PM Maria Rocket wrote: > She turned those violet eyes on him still looking upset at > him. Seth shook his head and stopped her. Before she could > speak, he pulled her into a sheltered grove of bushes in the > park. Looking out, he saw Slasher and Mimic continuing > along as if they were still there. > > "Seth, what are you doing?" She asked as he looked back. > Seth just smiled and flipped a blue rose up before her face. > Aerie's eyes softened. "Why, where did you..." > > Before she could finish her question, Seth leaned over and > kissed her passionately, closing his eyes as his arms went > around her. Still holding onto the rose, Aerie fell against Seth > one of her hands caressing up into his hair. Lost in her lips, > Seth suddenly became aware of a strange sensation as his > arms strayed towards her hips. > > He pulled away from her face with a smile, then glanced now. > He did a double take. Aerie just stared in shock. Where their > bodies had pressed together, they were now molded together > with a faint shimmering light that faded into each of them. It > looked bizarre...but wasn't all that unpleasant. They smiled at > each other before falling back into another deep kiss. Some distance ahead... "Sian." "Keep walking." Slasher stopped, and pointed one paw behind them. "Purr SIAN!" "Mimic KNOW! Keep walking." "Purr purr-" "No. NO interrupt them. Keep walking." Slasher looked behind them, misgivings obvious in his eyes. "Purr..." "Because right over there is tree. Can climb, double back, spy from above. Let think we no know...*no* want spoil moment for them." "Purr?!?" Mimic smiled. "Will see. Just keep walking." ****** By the time they reached their observation point, neither Seth nor Aerie was visible as a distinct entity. Instead, a single glowing blob lay on the grass, oblivious to the world. "Sian?" "Mimic no know. Mimic *think* that them..." "Sia...SIAN?!?!?" "Mimic never see before either. But Mimic hear. No is dangerous, no need word." "Pusia..." Never before, and never again, would a non-talking Persian utter something that sounded so much like "Phew!" "Mimic think it...reproduction." "Purr purrsian?" "Yes, that another word for it." Images of tiny Aeries and Seths graced Slasher's imagination for a few seconds... ...until Aerie tore out of the blob screaming and running for her life away from a very perplexed Seth! "Sian?" "Mimic no know. Check on Seth; Mimic check on Aerie." The two leapt out of the tree, each one heading for their respective quarries. "Purr?" "Slasher? How'd you...never mind. Did you see what just happened?" "Sian. Purr?" Seth sat up, absently scratching the top of Slasher's head. "I don't know. One moment, I'm lost in Aerie, mind *and* body, the next...this." "Sian?" "I did enjoy-...SLASHER!" Seth looked his smiling friend in the face, trying to be angry desipte the Persian's obvious mirth. "I've heard of kiss and tell, but that was ridiculous!" "Sia-a-an..." Slasher made no effort to disguise his enjoyment of the moment, not even his chuckles. "You," Seth breathed, "are developing a dangerous sense of humor. From Mimic, right?" "Purr!" "Meowth taught you this? No wonder Jessie took so long to admit her feelings to Dad..." ****** Several trees away, Aerie sat in a fetal position, not quite sucking her thumb but close to it. Mimic hovered nearby, having taken the form of a 10 year old Aerie. He was not quite touching her, but he was staying just close enough to be grabbed for a quick shoulder to cry on if she wanted one. "What wrong?" No response. "Aerie scare us. Scare Seth. Please, tell what wrong." Nothing. Mimic sighed. "Mimic going hate self in morning..." He reached out to her mind, pulling an identity that was deeply ingrained in her psyche, and currently floating near the top of her thoughts. Once he was confident he had enough information, he changed. "Aerie." She blinked, and looked up. "D-dad?" 'Doppler' stood up and opened his arms. "Come here and tell me what's wrong, my dear." Aerie obeyed in an instant. "Oh, daddy...I...I was so s-scared..." Embracing her and slowly rubbing her back, he monitored her wide-open mind to adjust every nuance, even the scent, so that everything was just right. "You're alright now. Tell Doppler what scared you so." "I...I was fooling around with Seth. We...our bodies kind of folded together, and our minds...well, it was clearer than any telepathic conversation I've ever had. He could see thoughts, my dreams, your program..." She gasped, as a spark of realization settled on the abundant dry timber of facts... ...which 'Doppler' tried to push below the threshhold of consciousness. "What happened then?" "Then...I think he tried to turn off the program, or at least it thought he was trying to. But he wasn't you, so it tried to repel the intruder. But I wouldn't let myself hurt him, so when it couldn't push him out, it made me escape..." Aerie looked 'Doppler' in the eye. "And *you* have just done a *very* *dangerous* thing, MIMIC!" Mimic sighed, and melted back into a copy of Aerie. "Mimic need know. Seth probably blame self if truth not come out, and if no know soon, truth be forgotten." Aerie pushed him away. "I...don't *EVER*...want to see *HIM* again. Got it?" He knew she was not talking about Seth. "Understood. Mimic will save for emergencies." "NOT-" "For emergencies," he repeated, with a grave finality. She resumed eye contact, trying to stare him down...only to wind up being the one who was, in fact, stared down. "Fine." She sighed. "But know this: by using him, you're *using* me. I am not some tool, to be manipulated for a task." "Everyone useful for certain things. Even Mimic. But that not point. Point *is*, Mimic value life of friends over pride of friends. Mimic rather see Aerie upset, even at Mimic, than dead because Mimic abide by promise...especially when Mimic knows, if promise have any impact, promise most likely have *that* impact." Aerie raised an eyebrow. "You have a strange way of putting it." Mimic shrugged. "Mimic no yet learn standard way. So, Mimic say Mimic's way. Now, we should return to Seth. Seth probably worried about you." "Right. Lead on." A few minutes later, Aerie blinked in suprise, then chuckled when Seth tackled Mimic - still in Aerie's form - and professed his sincere apologies for whatever he did wrong. TBC?