From: Bean <bean118@aol.comma> Subject: [PW] Cerulean Escapades Date: Monday, June 21, 1999 9:14 PM 'Couldn't find the original thread. It's short, but enjoy. We last left our trusty heroine and her trusty Pokémon in Cerulean City. At least, I think we did. Oh well, play along. "Gee, Olli, what do you think we should do now?" "Bone? Bone bone cuuu." Erin stared for a moment. "Yeah." She took a look around. Yeah, it was a city she was in. Nothing special, really. As Erin was looking around, she spied a baby Pikachu. "Oh ... gee, is it hurt?" She ootched closer. "Abandoned? Sick?" The Pikachu sniffed a bit. There was a pause, and then the rat shocked the ever-lovin' out of Erin. It then preceded to run like all get out. "BONE!" Olli hopped forward, ready to avenge Erin's shocking. "No, now wait a minute. He's just a baby!" Erin argued. "He's abandoned, and all alone and scared and ... stuff. Let's just see if we can't catch it minus all the violence first." Olli shrugged. He'd much rather beat the turd out of it, but oh well. Erin ran after the Pikachu. For a baby, that sucker ran fast. It bobbed and weaved and side tracked and back tracked and so on and around and back down and over and over and one two three and the kitchen sink. It finally went for a slide in front of Cerulean Gym. Erin tripped, and the Pikachu hopped up on her back, just to mock her. Olli caught up with her, and jumped on Erin's back, too. Erin gave a huge, honkin' wheeze as Olli and the Pikachu had a minor wrestling match. On the verge of feeling really, really sick, Erin glanced up. She found herself at the feet of two (hopefully) very understanding souls. Alyssa? Angel? Have fun. Bean What, do I *have* to have something witty here? ALWAYS? Remove ma to reply