From: (Yoda) Subject: Re: [PW!] Cerulean...why the hell am I in Cerulean?! Date: 24 Jun 1999 00:00:00 GMT >>"Geez, finally. So, where do you suppose we should go from here?" >>Before Fox could curse at him, he spotted through the windows some people >>walking around outside. >>"Hey..." > > "'Hey' right back at ya," Steve smiled. "Heya!" Gohan extended his hand. Steve shook it. "Soo..where are you guys off to in that sweet car of yours?" Gohan, said eyeing the Corvette. "Me and my pal here," pointing at Fox, "are going nowhere fast. And hopefully, we'd get there faster if you'd let us hitch a ride with you guys! So, how about it? Mind us tagging along with you two?" -- Yoda < > < ICQ: 31178519 > "That...was really disturbing." "Very good, young grasshopper." "Let's Turn Up The Heat!" "Macs Rule, period. What else is there to say?" <> <>