From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!] Chaoticllama, Psycho, Claire continue. Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 8:38 PM Chaoticllama picked his moment, when psycho was offguard, he grabbed the barrel of the rifle, and gave hard tug and twist maneuver, wrenching it from psycho's hands. He tossed it onto the sofa. "ok, as long as we're all partners in crime for now, let's make it as even as possible, disarm yourself Psycho." Psycho did, actually totally disarming himself. Chaoticllama picked up Psycho's knife and handed it to him. "Now we're even." Chaoticllama casually sat down on the sofa. His comlink beeped. The man on the other end was in a black trenchcoat, he said, "The one called tauras just boarded the ship. One out." Chaoticllama frowned, that unneccesarily complicated matters, as it was likely to bring a hail of other friends down on him. He chose to keep that little snippet from the group. "Ok psycho, first off, why are you here?" said Claire. "I'm tryin to catch a ride to Pokemon Island so I can poach some wierd pokemon. Why are you here?" Claire started to answer, but Chaoticllama cut her off, "That's not important at the moment, I'm still having your security clearance checked." Just then his comlink beeped. Chaoticllama put it up to his ear. "It says ten." Chaoticllama frowned, "Get that dropped down to 3, authorization Charlie Tango 5557 CAU" The cau would cancel it after one use, so it wouldn't be an aid to anyone in the room, or anyone listening in. Level three would just barely give Psycho access to what they were doing. Security heirarchy, like the fbi, went only up to 6. Chaoticllama pulled a 5.5, only 6 in the business was Giovanni himself. Claire pulled a 5.5 as well. "Ok we're on a mission of theft and assassination. Who, a famous professor, nobel prize winner, what the pokepedia 3000 chip." Psycho gave them his room number, and left. TBC