From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!] [CC] Claire and Chaoticllama check into the hotel Date: Sunday, June 13, 1999 6:08 PM Once chaoticllama calmed down a bit, he looked over at claire, and said "How about we check into the hotel for a bit, and celebrate. Put down our gear, and get roaringly drunk. Right after I get rid of this blond hair. " Claire thought it sounded like fun, and said as much.They walked into the hotel, "Most expensive suite you have available." said Chaoticllama to the clerk at the desk. The clerk gave them a key, "Pay when you check out." Chaoticllama and claire got into the elevator. Thier suite was on the 49th floor of the hotel. Above the smog of celadon city. Chaoticllama opened the door, and his jaw just about hit carpet when he saw the room, and the view. He recovered, and set his gear down on the floor next to a sofa. He then went into the bathroom, and got out of his clothes. He took an ice-cold shower. It was invigorating, and when he had finished, he had washed out the die. He put on a fresh pair of jeans, and walked out of the bathroom to retrieve a shirt. That's when he spotted claire, in a basic black bikini a small one, in the whirlpool that was in the room. There was a cart of liquor, that he guessed she had had sent up. Chaoticllama shucked his boots, grabbed a pair of trunks, and changed into them. He picked up a bottle of gin. "Moonshine, I wonder if today was a good year," he thought as he opened the bottle. He took a drink of it. "Yup, today's a good year, you could take paint off of a house with this stuff." he said to claire, "Moonshine, just like momma used to make," said Chaoticllama reminiscently. Then he stepped into the whirlpool and gazed across into claire's eyes. "There's something almost enchanting about her," he thought as he took another drink. Claire's gaze was locked into his. She was thinking, "It's been a very long time, all too long since I opened up to someone, maybe he's the one." Chaoticllama stetched his bottle across the gap, "Cheers" they said, as she clinked her glass of wine to his bottle of moonshine. As she finished her glass, Chaoticllama capped his bottle, and sait it over to the side. He reached into the cart, and came back with two wine glasses, and the hotel's oldest bottle of it. "1850, It will be a very good wine indeed, the above average rain fall that year crreated a very very good crop of grapes." He filled the two glasses. He sat the bottle back down, and handed her a glass. They hooked elbows, and drank. TBC