From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] [NC] Clueless... (Continuation of: Not a Clue!) Date: Saturday, June 19, 1999 11:29 PM After the lights come back on, everyone is a little woozy. What caused all those noises they heard? There is one man who wants to know answers...Winsley, the butler. The moment the power comes back on, a loudspeaker blares out to every corner of the mansion, "I'm very sad to say that Mr. Rasoul has been assassinated. His body is missing. Everyone report to the Main Dining Room. Anyone not there will be assumed to be the murderer." Robert wipes his forehead, "Whew! We're already in the Dining Room!" Mithril-rama pokes Robert in the stomach, "Robert! What are you talking about? Someone's been murdered! We might be next..." Robert's eyes widen, "That's right... and everyone's a suspect... even us..." "Yeah... I guess..." Mithril-rama sweatdrops, "But you know that I wouldn't do that... and I know you wouldn't do it either. So we're the only ones that aren't suspects..." "Yes..." Robert strokes his chin, "That sounds like the thinking of a murderer!" He points a finger at Rilli, who frowns, "Robert! You know I couldn't have done it!" Robert continues repeating, "Everyone's... a suspect... everyone..." This interaction between the two is soon interrupted by Tenchi walking in, "Has anyone seen a girl, this tall? Her name's Natasha... I lost track of her while I was looking for a light." Robert and Rilli both turn to Tenchi and nervously answer, "No..." Clarissa steps into the Dining Room. Robert notices her immediately, "That her?" Tenchi shakes his head and looks down sadly, "Nope." Clarissa scratches her head, "What? I'm looking for a guy, about this tall." Tenchi sits down at the elongated brown table, moping, "Tell me about it..." David calmly enters the Dining Hall, and he isn't missing his companion. Goliath, his Golem, walks in next to him. They are both tempted to say their motto, but think otherwise. David nods to everyone, "G'day, all." Jake and Natasha enter the room together. Some excited yelling follows, "Tenchi!" "Natasha!" "Jake!" "Clarissa!" This is followed by some hugging... With Tenchi and Natasha, it leads to more than that. If it weren't for the presence of everyone else, they might have gone all the way. After the reunions are over, the people present sit down. Robert begins mumbling to himself, "Hmm... some people are late... anyone late's a bigger suspect... Yes... indeed." Mithril-rama goes closer to him and whispers, "What's wrong, Robert? You should stop acting so weird, or people might start to suspect you." Of the people coming in late, Oz is the first. He is holding his Sandshrew in his arms. Instead of the hospital gown he was wearing earlier, he is wearing some clothes that are too large for him, "Hello...Name's Oz." He sits down next to David an Goliath, who cast him a strange look for his choice of clothing. Sirius runs into the room, quickly closing the doors behind him, "I didn't do it! The Entertainment Center was like that when I went there... the screen was broken already... Yeah... that's it." Robert whispers to Mithril-rama, "That guy seems a bit too nervous... better keep an eye on him. Yes... yes indeed." Saber runs into the room, and the doors knock Sirius to the side. Saber is completely drenched in his own sweat, "Awww... the only thing worse than running down 17 flights of stairs is having to do it quickly... I didn't want to show up late, since the guy on the loudspeaker said that whoever doesn't show up will be assumed guilty!" He wipes a giant sweatdrop from his face and sits down at a corner of the long table. People around him inch away. Raven stumbles into the room, half asleep. He collapses in the corner, rolls himself up into a ball, and starts to suck on his thumb, "Don't worry, mini Raven... the mini Rockets won't hurt you now..." Finally, the ghost of Simon phases into the room, and he utters, "That Ralf guy was cah-raye-zee!" Everyone sitting around the Dining Room table is tense... They are all waiting for Winsley, none of them speaking to each other. Robert's accusing eyes fall upon everyone, including Mithril-rama. The silence is broken when Winsley throws open the doors to the Dining Room. He looks very angry and sad at the same time. He walks to the head of the table, carrying a large bag filled with unidentifiable items. His eyes widen when he notices something on the floor. He grabs a mysterious silver spork and throws it into the sack he's carrying. "Well then... I see we've all decided to come here, after all. Someone in this room killed Mr. Rasoul, and I'm determined to find out who it is. His eyes fall upon everyone, "First, let's formally all introduce each other..." They all take turns down the line, simply stating their names so that everyone knows who each other is. It goes down the line: Robert, Mithril-rama, Tenchi, Natasha, Jake, Clarissa, Saber, Oz, David, and Sirius. After poking Raven, he mumbles, "Raven..." and the ghost of Simon laughs and shouts "Simon!" hoping someone will hear him! No one does. "And now..." Winsley continues, reaching into the bag he carried into the room, "The evidence. I have gathered these items as I explored the mansion after the lights came back on." The first item he pulls out is a long, razor-sharp steak knife, "This was found on the Kitchen floor... and if I remember correctly, it was YOU who was in the Kitchen, David, if that is your real name!" "Aye, mate..." He narrows his eyes up at the butler, "Used it to cut up some filet mignon. That stuff was pretty nasty, I gotta tell ya. Don't ya got any big manly like steaks 'round here?" Winsley ignores David's defense and pulls another random weapon from his bag, "Here is a poolstick, found on the floor in the Billiards Room! I told the sleeping mess in the corner over there to stay in the Billiard Room... Raven?" Raven kicks in his sleep, then wakes up in a sudden fit of insomnia, "Wha? Wha? Poolstick in the Billards Room? Well, wooptee-doo! Of course there's gonna be poolsticks in the Billiards Room!" His lapse of insomnia is quickly over when he topples to the ground again, asleep and shivering from the cold. Winsley pulls out another weapon, holding it by the tip of the handle, "This gun was found in the Bedroom..." "Hey! That's mine!" Natasha squeals, before covering her mouth, and explaining, "I mean, I didn't use it to shoot anyone, but I left it up there when I went with Tenchi to find a light..." "It's evidence now..." Winsley stares her down, putting the gun aside, "This half empty box of powdered detergent was found in the Laundry Room! Care to explain, Oz?" Oz looks around surprised, "Me?! I didn't touch the washing machine... just found some clothes in the shelves..." Winsley proceeds to list the weapons, this time pulling a Nintendo 64 controller out of his bag, "The cords attached to these things aren't very safe... they could be used to strangle someone... Isn't that right, Jake? Clarissa?" "What?!" They both answer, shocked that they'd be considered suspects, and even more shocked that a video game controller can be considered a weapon. Winsley shrugs, then grabs a shattered piece of glass, "The mirror in the Bathroom was shattered when I went to investigate. Perhaps someone wanted to use the glass to stab someone? Robert? Mithril-rama?" Robert and Mithril-rama both shake their heads. Robert explains, "We were in the draperies! That is until Rilli..." Mithril-rama finishes the sentence, "Went to the bathroom... I forgot to... go... when I changed, because I was scared of the ghost. When I went, the mirror had already been shattered, then I couldn't find Robert back at the drapes..." Winsley doesn't show approval or disapproval as he pulls a point-compass out of his bag, one that one might use on a map, "Saber... You didn't happen to use this compass when you were in the Observatory? It was one of the things I found in the pile of books on the floor... could that have been formed by a struggle with your victim?" "NO!" Saber answers, looking around sheepishly, "I touched the spun out of control..." Winsley looks into the bag and grabs an Electrode-shaped device from inside his bag, that has a broken wire coming out of it, "I found this electrical generator on the floor in the Entertainment Center, next to a remote control. It contains electrical power... that you could have used to shock Mr. Rasoul, rest his soul..." Sirius looks around nervously, "No... I just threw the remote... it must've knocked it over!" Winsley grabs the final suspicious item, "I found this spork in the Dining Room..." "A spork?!" Robert cries out, jumping out of his chair, "Now you're just being ridiculous! I've watched enough murder mystery movies and cheesy parodies to know who did it! It was the butler! I win!" Winsley looks at Robert with an angry face, "This isn't some sort of game... Mr. Rasoul died. I expect to find out who it is by the end of the night. Feel free to ask each other questions, and relate what each of you were doing when the lights went out... we're not going to sleep until the murderer is discovered." -Robert