From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] Clueless... (Continuation of: Not a Clue!) Date: Sunday, June 20, 1999 2:49 PM Tiger1129 wrote: > >Most of Robert's suspicions then shifted from David to Goliath. He > >could not help but notice how angry Goliath was getting about the whole > >thing... > > Jake was getting nervous here. Not that anyone was accusing him at the moment, > but he was afraid of a gun going off or a knife coming out and all hell > breaking loose. And where did that butler go off t- oh he's right there. "Ok > does anyone think that anyone else could possibly have a motive for killing Mr. > Rasoul?" all heads turn towards David and Goliath. "Besides the fact that David > is a rocket?" Robert looks towards who is speaking, "Whoever killed him wouldn't say that they had a motive! Might as well say: Hello, I'm the murderer! Look at me! Over here!" His sarcastic tone was getting tiresome. Robert leaps out of his chair and walks over towards where Jake and Clarissa are sitting. He looks at Jake, then Clarissa, then Jake, then Clarissa, "No one here's accused these two yet... It's always the quiet ones, they say..." Oz looks over at Rilli, "Your little friend over there's pretty quiet... and no one has accused her either." "Well..." Robert runs over to Mithril-rama and places his arms around her, "That's different... She's Rilli! But where were you two again?" He points at Jake and Clarissa, "Oh, that's right... you haven't told us!" Jake's wings are about to pop out of their hiding place, "I was with Clarissa in the Living Room, playing the Super Nintendo, when all of a sudden, I heard a gun shot. I went to find out what it was." Robert stares at Jake for a moment, before turning towards Clarissa, "And you? Did you go with him?" "No." Clarissa replies, "When we finally did find the Living Room before the lights went out, I told him that I wasn't going to leave the room so that I wouldn't get lost again. Besides, I have Fire Pokemon, so the darkness didn't scare me. So I stayed in the Living Room the whole time. I only came here after I heard the announcement on the loudspeaker." "Okay..." Robert then looks at David, "And you said you saw a figure in the Billiard Room when you went looking for Goliath, your rocky fiend?" The Golem scowls at Robert from his place on the floor next to David, "I am not a fiend, you infidel!" David looks at Robert with angry eyes, "Yeah, Goliath 'ere didn't do anything for you to be callin' 'im a fiend!" "Uhh, I meant to say 'friend,' yes... That's right. Now, answer the question." Robert declares, leaning forward across the table, "Did you see a shadowy figure in the Billiard Room?" David sits back in his chair, staying calm so that people don't think he has a temper, "Yeah. Couldn't tell who it was in the dark. I guess it was Raven, though, since all of ya 'ave been sayin' was in the room." "But that couldn't have been!" Robert declares, raising a finger, "For I saw Raven leaving the Billiards Room when I was looking for Rilli, and I'm sure it was Raven because he looked very tired! Someone must've snuck into the Billiards Room while the lights were out. Tell me, David, was it the figure of a man or a woman?" "Couldn't tell." David answers, scratching his beard, "I don't see where this is going." "Ahh, you wouldn't!" Robert answers, and then looks around the room, "But if it wasn't Raven in the Billiards Room when you walked in... then someone's lying about where they were. Isn't that right, Oz?!" Robert points an accusing finger at the man holding a Sandshrew. "Mmmph?!" Oz asks, spraying out the coffee that Natasha brought him, "What?! I was looking for Sandshrew..." "Or so you say..." Robert raises an eyebrow towards him, "You snuck into the Billiards room and stabbed Mr. Rasoul with the knife you took from the kitchen when you went through the secret passage! You wanted to frame David!" "I didn't go into the Kitchen OR the Billiards room..." Oz shakes his head, "I only went to the Bathroom... to look for Sandshrew... and that's when I shattered the glass... Before your girlfriend came in. I could tell in the darkness because I saw her shadow and she's the shortest one here!" Robert looks at Mithril-rama, "Is that true? Did you see him coming out of the bathroom?" Mithril-rama shrugs, "I saw someone holding something in his hands. It might've been Oz." Robert falls back into his chair, "Well, someone must've been in the Billiards Room when David came in... and I'm very sure that it wasn't Raven... But who was it?" Robert leers at everyone, including David, because there's a chance that the Australian man was lying about seeing a figure in the Billiards Room window. -Robert