From: Tiger1129 <tiger1129@aol.comSaint> Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] Clueless... (Continuation of: Not a Clue!) Date: Monday, June 21, 1999 2:29 PM >Well, you can all make your in-character accusations, and then I'll post the >solution! Jake looked over at Clarissa. She had her head down on the table. Jake checked, she was alseep. He looked at his wristwatch. 1:30 am. "It was...miss candlestick. Or...was it the knife?" Clarissa mumbled in her sleep. *Clarissa couldn't have done it, she's never shot a gun in her life. Has she?* Jake thought. *I haven't known her for that long, and... No Jake you can't think like that, she didn't kill mister Rasoul or whatever his name was.* He looked around the room. *Who else could have done it?* he asked himself. *Tenchi? He has been acting a little crazy. According to him Natasha can't shoot at all, but that hasn't been proven, Raven, I don't think he could have stayed awake long enough to commit murder. *David is a Rocket but that doesn't mean anything, yeah they steal pokemon. but they don't normally murder. Goliath is innocent most likely, What was that I heard once? No such thing as a bad pokemon, only bad masters. Still you never know... *Then there's Mithiril Rama (ooc: hope I spelled that right) I don't think she has said a word at all since we've been here, Robert has been defending her, sort of. What was that he said? It's always the quiet ones.... *Robert's been the accussor tonight mostly, and that interests me. Maybe he's trying to push the blame away from himself, by accusing other people, or maybe it's not him, but Rama over there he's trying to push the blame away from. hmmm. David said the figure was Female, Robert said it's always the quiet ones.... hmmm I wonder...* TBC The Saint