From: Otaku67 <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] Clueless... (Continuation of: Not a Clue!) Date: Sunday, June 20, 1999 11:13 AM > > > "Hey, I believe her," interrupted Sirius, turning to David. "And I'm >starting to think maybe _you_ did it." > "Who? Me?" Sirius nervously turned back to a magazine. > "Fair enough. I believe you too." He got up and headed upstairs, >which >was odd because he didn't have a room... "I'll see you all tonight." > Tenchi looked around the room. How anyone could think Natasha was the killer was beyond him. It was then that he noticed David's shirt. "Hold on a second! That guys a rocket! He must've done it!" Tenchi said, pulling out a gun by istinct. Everyone turned to stare at Tenchi. david stood up. "Well what if i am a rocket. Your the one with the gun, ya bloddy bugger!" "I only use this for protection, and rocket hunting. And it's open season." He positioned it right between David's eyes. TBC Somehow i see Tenchi being mobbed at this point... <[^;^]> beware the chibbi-pika Pikachu: MissingNo! Misty: Pikablu is real i tell you! Brock: Hou hou! Ash:That weed really Fu**ed you three up didnt it? Cards...Credit cards attract the poor, the rich. Credit cards are my ally- Darth Mall