From: Goola2u <goola2u@aol.comREMOVE> Subject: [PW!] Dead Man's Hand Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 11:32 AM Shard dragged himself through the alley. Dammit, the ATRs were still after him. A burst of something Shard couldn't identify beyond "not good" screeched past him. Shard weakly fired back. If they hadn't hit Smirker with that one weak shot... Tenchi and Natasha had dashed out of sight what seemed like an eternity ago, and Shard could already feel that pain the Boss would inflict on him for that one. Or was it the pain from the shots he'd already been hit with, a bullet in each leg from Giovanni, and burns all over from whatever the ATRs were shooting at him. He was going to die. He knew it. Shard managed to drag himself out of the alley, and into the light of the Celadon day. He looked up at the sun, smiling, before getting shot between the shoulders and collapsing. --- "He's not dead." said Joy. "How can you tell?" asked the other Joy. "Because," laughed the first, "He just moved." "What do you mean I'm not dead?" asked Shard. "I could have sworn I got shot up real bad." "You did," said the first Joy. "You gave the Chanseys one hell of a hard time," said the second. "Well, thank Eternalplume for their persistance!" said Shard, leaning forwards. "Stop moving!" shouted both Joys in unison, leaning Shard back. Shard stayed put. "You're in no shape to move," explained one. "You need time to heal," added the other. "At least I'm alive," grinned Shard. "Yeah, it was a tricky one," said Joy two... or was it the first... Shard couldn't tell. In any case, the other promptly shushed her. Shard just tryed to ignore how much his foot itched... TBC? Shard Fields, who REALLY hopes his char can realistically live through this.