From: Ig88sw82 <> Subject: [PW!] Dreading Dreadite Date: Thursday, June 03, 1999 11:03 PM "Just one more small adjustment..." Jamie was rewiring her Magnemite. During her short undercover mission, Team Rocket had programmed the Magnemite to be a mindless drone, completely loyal to the cause. Now that she was quitting the team, she needed to override the system. "Magnemite." The Pokémon woke up and began floating. At least it didn't blow up, Jamie thought. After all, she wasn't much of a programmer, and had only read a few chapters of "Magnemite for Dummies". "Well," Jamie said to her Magnemite. "What shall we do now?" The Magnemite cocked its head (and in effect its whole body), considering the possible paths they could take. "I could become a real Pokémon trainer, I suppose. There are a couple of things I could do." As she spoke, her attention was directed towards a large videoscreen in the Cerulean City plaza. A young newscaster was reading off the week's events. "In our cover story, the search continues for human and Pokémon murderer Dreadite. Witnesses state that the infamous Team Rocket member killed a man and an Eevee in cold blood, though much is unconfirmed. Pokémon trainers should stay on the lookout for this man, and should immediately report any sightings to the local authorities." Dreadite, Jamie thought. The perfect symbolism of the corruption of Team Rocket. She hoped that he could be caught and put on trial. "Hey, Magnemite. Why don't we go up against Dreadite?" Magnemite's holoprojectors lit up. "The odds of survival are approximately 725 to 1." "I know we don't stand a chance alone. But maybe we could find others with as much hatred against him as us." The Pokémon narrowed its eyes in disbelief. "Magnem." "Don't look at me like that. I'm the trainer here, so what I say goes. So let's go." ---