From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] Encounter With An Ekans Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 3:13 PM Minax is using a napkin to wipe her lips clean of the key lime pie she just finished eating in the Saffron City Psychic Cafe. She is about to toss it on the floor once it is dirtied with the creamy dessert, but remembers what Officer Jenny asked her to do. She spies a nearby garbage can, rolls up the napkin, throws it like a basketball, and it misses... by a long shot. "Damn. I suck." Minax runs over to the napkin and simply tosses it into the garbage can. She continues walking until she gets to one of her favorite narrow alleys in-between Saffron City's tall buildings. She squeezes herself in, and sees a Rattata gnawing on some garbage a careless individual dropped on the floor. She uses her hand to shoo it away, and it runs, afraid of the tall red-haired woman. "That's a good little Rattata. Run from Auntie Minax." Minax continues walking in, until the head of a purple snake peers out of one of the water grates. The large Ekans crawls out from its secret hiding place and starts hissing at Minax, the intruder in its alleyway, "Ekanssssss!" "Go away. Leave me alone." Minax tries to shoo the snake away with her hands. The Ekans is too brave to be frightened by a human, no matter how much taller she is than it, and it stands its ground. Minax removes her long skinning knife from its place in the sheath on her belt, "Unless you want to be in two places at once, I suggest you scram." "Ekansssss!" The snake continues to hiss, and starts to dance around, trying to convince Minax that it's about to bite her. Minax stands her ground, but she begins to appear... distracted... She looks down at the purple Ekans, but starts to think about something else... she remembers something from her past... a little girl in Pewter City... * Flashback * A young twelve year old girl with shoulder length light brown hair cautiously leaves her barren room and walks into the living room of her small house in Pewter City. She timidly approaches her father, who is sitting on an old battered up gray armchair. The very fat man looks very rugged. He has a large balding spot on top of his head, which is surrounded by thinning black hair. He hasn't shaved in a few days, so his fat face is covered in small black hairs. He is wearing a white undershirt and blue boxer shorts, and a bowl of Mankey rinds sits on his belly. He is staring into an old TV set. "Uhm... daddy..." The little girl worriedly whispers, loud enough to catch her father's attention. "What, Marcie?" He asks, looking annoyed that he has been disturbed from his idea of bliss, pushing the mute button on his remote control and turning to face his twelve year old daughter, "What the hell do you want?" "I just..." Marcie asks, clearing her throat, "The kids from that gang at school... they beat me up again..." She looks down at her legs, which are all cut up, and some of the open wounds are still bleeding, "And I thought maybe... you could stop them somehow... 'cause I can't. I'm just a little girl. They hit me for no reason at all..." "No reason, huh?" The father grunts, glaring at his child, "They have plenty of reason to! Yer a damn whore, that's what you are... and whores gotta get beaten up, to teach 'em a lesson. You ain't done anythin' right yer whole damn life." "Yes... I'm sorry, daddy..." Marcie begins, taking something out of her bloodied blue shorts, "I know I've gotten Cs and Ds in school... but I've been doing real good in Arts and Crafts... Look at what I made this week." She removes a large folded up piece of paper with a drawing on it and hands it to her father. The angry man opens it up, and looks at it for a moment. The image is of a male Butterfree hugging female Metapod and a small female Caterpie. They all are portrayed very happily, and the artwork is so very beautiful, that it looks like a professional made it. The father looks at Marcie through a narrowed eye, "You know what this is? Do you know?" He extends the piece of artwork with the Pokemon facing Marcie and heartlessly rips it down the center, then proceeds to tear it to bits, "This is CRAP, is what it is. Arts and Crafts won't take ya anywhere in life. Ya gotta be a Stonecutter like me, or a whore like yer mom." He throws the pieces of paper that were once a child's masterpiece into Marcie's face. Marcie's eyes begin to water, and her lip begins to tremble, and she speaks while sniffing sadly, "But... I like to draw... the... It took me... five days to..." She can't stand it anymore and starts crying loudly. Her father snorts loudly, and throws the bowl of Mankey rinds aside, "You stop crying this instant, you little bitch! You know you're worthless, and you're always be worthless. You aren't good for nothing." He looks at her crying, and shakes his head, "I was wrong. You *are* good for something. Drop your shorts, Marcie." He starts to get up off his chair. "What?" Marcie asks, backing away, still crying, "No! I don't like this game! No, please, daddy, don't do this!" Her father finally stands up out of his chair after much struggling, and starts to approach her, getting ready to drop his shorts, "C'mon, you little bitch, show me what you're good for. Don't be scared of the Ekans, he won't bite." "No, daddy, STOP! I don't wanna play with the Ekans! Please... Noooo... NOOOO!" Marcie shrieks out an incredibly loud unheard scream... She just screams and screams, but no one comes to her rescue... * End Flashback * Minax narrows her tear-less eyes down at the Ekans in front of her. She swings her skinning knife downwards and chops the Ekans right down the middle! The Pokemon cries out in pain. The part of the Ekans with the head on in quickly slithers away, leaving a small trail of blood. The other end flops around spasmodically, the nerves not knowing what to do now that the head of the Ekans is gone. Minax raises her boot and crushes the wiggling headless Ekans under her foot. -Minax