From: Goola2u <goola2u@aol.comREMOVE> Subject: Re: [PW!] Ewwww, Gross! What's In This Water?!? Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 11:16 AM >Silly Putty's blades clashed loudly against those of the Scyther he'd copied. > >THe battle wasn't going too well, partially because the monster mantis had >got >in a few cheap shots while Silly was still a Pidgey, and partially because >Silly Putty had no idea how to use these friggin' blades of his. Those >things >take PRACTICE, you know. > >Screw this, he decided, melting to his natural, green state and falling to >the >ground. He flowed quickly towards the small lake. > >--- > >Misty looked at the slightly greenish tint of her pool water. Odd, the >disgusting, slimy, color seemed to have grown deeper... Did the pool just >smile >at her? > >Suddenly, the green gathered itself into a floating, smirking mass. "A >ditto!" >snarled Misty. "Woo!" shouted Silly, "do NOT go in there!" > >"Yuck!" shouted Misty, "Slime! Even worse than bugs! Security!" > >"Which one of you should we throw out?" > >Both Mistys looked at them puzzledly. > >TBC.... > "Well, don't just stand there, throw her out!" said both Mistys. The guards grabbed one by the arms and threw her out. Silly Putty snickered, turned into a Butterfree, and flew off, giving Misty a BIIIIIIIIIIIG smooch along the way, being very carefl to dodge the rocks she threw until she almost threw Togepi, who started screaming like all heck had broken loose, allowing Silly to escape while Misty comforted the poor little thing, then rushed back inside to fire the guards. TBC? Shard Fields