From: <> Subject: [PW!] Chapter 4 of Ezad's Tale Date: Tuesday, June 15, 1999 1:28 PM CHAPTER 4 SHOW ME THE MONEY! Without at least 720P, Ezad could never afford those PokeBalls he had been focusing his eyes on. Ezad decided to go west to Route 22, to see if he could find some trainers to battle and earn some money. As soon as he set foot upon Route 22, he saw it. It was the most impressive thing he had ever seen - the famous Indigo Plateau, home of the Elite Four! Ezad decided to explore the entrance building. "Halt!" the guard at the entrance told Ezad. "You can't pass without a Boulder Badge!" Ezad could have just pushed the guard out of his way in order to pass, but he was too polite. There was no other way he could pass without the Boulder Badge. Ezad sat down on the ground outside the building, holding his head with his hands. Suddenly, a beautiful girl approached. "Hello, handsome," the girl said. "Wanna battle?" Ezad, upon seeing the girl, said, "Nice... girl..." "Eh?" Ezad said, "Uh... nice... weather, isn't it?" "You don't have to be modest," the girl said. "My name is Utsu Kooshy. My offer to battle with you is still open." "And so am I..." Ezad thought. Ezad decided to battle Utsu. "Bulbasaur, I choose you!" Ezad's Bulbasaur appeared. "Bulba!" "Charmander, I choose you!" yelled Utsu. An orange-colored lizard with fire on its tail appeared. "Char char!" Ezad had never battled anyone before, so he was nervous. "Well?" said Utsu. "What are we waiting for? Hurry up!" Ezad nervously said, "Bulbasaur, Tackle!" Bulbasaur tackled the Charmander. "Charmander, Scratch!" was Utsu's reply. Charmander scratched Bulbasaur. "Bulbasaur, Tackle!" Bulbasaur tackled Charmander. "Charmander, Scratch!" Charmander scratched Bulbasaur. ***20 MINUTES LATER...*** "Bulbasaur, Tackle!" Bulbasaur tackled Charmander, but this time, Charmander fainted from Bulbasaur's tackle. "What?" Utsu shrieked. "B-but my Charmander was supposed to BEAT Bulbasaur! Here! You can have this! But don't expect me to give you any more, creep!" Utsu handed Ezad 1000P. Ezad had to hurry to the Pokemon Mart in Viridian City fast, because if the sale ended now, the PokeBalls would cost 1200P, much more than he had now! TO BE CONTINUED IN CHAPTER 5... KAWAII! Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.