From: Dreadite <> Subject: Re: [PW!][2ndPart]Final Revelation Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 9:27 PM In article <7kpgnm$es8$>, says... > <Scene switch> > > "So many people to kill so little time", said Zephyrite as he floated above > the island of Cinnabar. "Huh?" said Zephyrite as his senses picked up > another strong energy headed towards him. "I wonder who would dare confront > me", said Zephyrite as a figure appeared in the distance. Dreadite walked along the beaches of Cinnabar, folding and unfolding his wings in pace with the tides. As he walked towards the town, it hit him. Power. He looked into the air, and saw the floating figure high above. Dreadite smiled, and flicked a shell into the air at the floating figure. It fell short, and Dreadite picked up a second shell. The figure looked down in time for the shell to smash into his wing. Zepherite plummeted from the air, twirled, and landed on the ground with a soft sound. He looked over his shoulder at Dreadite. "Why, hello whatever you are," Dreadite said, with absolute seriousness. He picked up another shell, and crushed it between his fingers. "I hate looking into mirrors, and you look like a mirror." "Oh really? And that's because I am the perfection of the fear in Zepher. Of you." Zepherite blinked, and raised his hand. "Fear is power, Dreadite. Fear is what gives me life, and what powers all things." [1] Dreadite smirked, and reached into his cloak. With an almost unnoticeably fast motion, he drew his sword, and slashed for the opposing figure's head. Zepherite noticed. He ducked, and waved his hand. A sword appeared in front of him, from the air. "You see, I am more powerful than you could ever hope to defeat, Dreadite. Fear is stronger than the object that is feared." "Only in the mind." Dreadite faced his opponent, and then turned away, and started walking. "Your power resides in the mind of the opponents you face, not in yourself." "I am the physical representation of fear! I exist in the world, not as emotions, but as flesh!" Zepherite screamed, and grabbed the sword in front of him. Dreadite paused, and when Zepherite was right on top of him, he brought the tip of his sword back, hard. Zepherite crumpled, and Dreadite withdrew the sword. "Too easy, too predictable." "Hardly... predictable.." Zepherite stumbled to his feet, and wiped the blood from his mouth. "It's not that easy to win. It's never that easy to defeat fears." "Oh isn't it.." *flashback fade into Dreadite's red pupil, into a burning building* "See, this is what happens when you cross Team Rocket." Dreadite brushed his trainee uniform. "And I'm sure to get promoted for this." "How could you do this.. we tried to get the Pokémon you wanted!" The shop owner "Oh, really? I'm just doing my job, you know." Dreadite reached into the van, and grabbed a bomb. "A pity we have to do this, but you have to honor your bargains." "We're not afraid of Team Rocket, and never will be!" The shopowner ran towards Dreadite, and slugged him. Dreadite blinked with shock as he crashed into the van. "Okay, electrabuzz! Zap that Rocket!" The Electric Pokémon appeared from the belt of the shopowner, and yelled it's name. Dreadite's eyes wipened. He dashed into the van, and drove off. "See, you just have to show them they're not so tough." Teh shopowner grinned, and called back his Pokémon. "Now we gotta work on this fire." *The end of the flashback* Dreadite blinked. "No, people overcome fear all the time. And I don't fear you. Or anything." Zepherite growled. "Then you'll pay. Pay with your life!" Zepherite slashed in a downward arc at Dreadite. Dreadite parried, deftly defecting the bow to the side, and ten spun, bringing his sword in a upward circle. Zepherite's sword was knocked from his grasp, and he dove to grab it. Dreadite slashed, clipping Zepherite's wing with his katana. Zepherite grabbed his sword as three feathers fell, and fley into the air. He released the sword and caught it in the other hand... but the damage was done. The handful of hand he had taken with it scattered, blinding Dreadite as sand got in his eyes. Dreadite swore, and blinked. "That was a dirty trick, and you know it." Dreadite waved his hand, and a wall of fire appeared around him. His vision slowly returned to normal. When he let the wall down, Zepherite was gone. "No matter. I'll find him the easy way." Dreadite flew into the air, and looked around. Then he listened carefully. "Follow the screams of death, and you will find the enemy." Dreadite flew off towards the mall section of the city. <Scene switch> Zepherite blinked at the people running from the crowded shopping center. He smiled, basking in teh panic and fear. "Fear is where it's at, by far!" Dreadite walked into teh mall, and pushed people out of his way. "There can be only one, you hear me! Only one! If you weren't such a coward, you'd be dead now!" Zepherite grimaced. Insults, ruining his perfect fear. What a pity. He looked for the indulter, and quickly flew higher to avoid the angry strike from Dreadite. "You again. Why can't you leave me alone?" Dreadite smirked. "Because Darkness isn't finished making you suffer yet. Not by a long shot." Dreadite flew up above Zepherite, and blasted a culumn of fire into the head of the fear-based clone. Zepherite plummeted to the ground, on fire. Dreadite floated next to him. "Can you hear the sounds of silence, freak? I can hear them." The crowds paused, and murmered as Dreadite picked up Zepherite. "And they call for you. They call for everyone." Zepherite broke free, and glared. "You can't defeat me. Ever. I refuse to lose!" "Then you die." Dreadite ran forward, and slashed at Zepherite's neck. Then there was silence... before the lightning struck. Power surged, and the crowds scattered. Then there was.. Dreadite. "There can be only one." Dreadite picked up his sword, and walked out of the mall. "The fears of humans.. weak humans. Fools." TBC? (Maybe.. damn, I dunno if that was cool, or if it sucked eggs.. but it was fun to write. ^^;;;) [1] RIPOFF ALERT! ^_^ Dreadite ------ "And here comes the question whether it is better to be loved rather than feared, or feared rather than loved. It might perhaps be answered that we should wish both; but since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved." --Machiavelli's 'The Prince'.