From: Frenzy <aznfrenzy@aol.comburger> Subject: Re: [PW!][CANYON]Finally, to Grandpa Canyon Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 9:38 PM " Are you sure? Give me the report." Scarlet handed Raven a piece of paper. " God.......hmm.......ok............" Raven began to rub his chin. "So James went to Grandpa Canyon right?" "Yes." Scarlet replied. "He went with a few agents.He wanted you to come" " Ok Scarlet do me a favor. I sent Sirius and Saber to Fuschia. Ask...Send a few more agents to see how they are doing.I will be joining James. " Raven ran out of his office. _____ "How much longer?" "Couple of minutes and the canyon will be in your sight." the pilot said. Raven nodded and glanced at the 2 other ATR members. They were fresh out of Tank's ATR Training. Both were hotheads and as far as to Tank and Raven 's concern, they were expendable. "Are we there yet?" "No." "Are you lying?" "No." "Do you always answer a question by saying 'no'?" "No." Raven shook his head as he looked out of the Shadowcaster. It was a stealth helicopter that had a big ATR logo and made hardly any noise . It wasn't very fast and its black design made a big target in the air. The copter was meant to make silent but deadly attacks but now It was used to transport agents back and forth. It was also expendable. "You know this is too easy. Just coming down on the unsuspecting rockets." "Don't say that." "Say what? This is too easy?" "You know the copter might just crashed right now because you jynxed the whole entire mission. " "Nah. Thats way too cliche." "Raven, we are there. I will land you guys near that cliff ok?" The pilot asked from the front. "Ok. Let me get off first. Need to contact headquarters. " Raven said as he jumped off the still flying copter. "This will be an easy mission." Raven could hear what one of the agents still inside said. As if on cue, a bullet whistled through the air and sliced into the window hitting the pilot in the chest. Raven for a brief second could hear the scream of the pilot before the copter slammed itself against the cliff smashing whoever was left inside. Raven could see one of the agents fly straight out of the copter and landed a couple hundred feet under with a sickening thud on the ground below. The copter still was flying in the air as it was on autopilot. Another bullet passed Raven and struck the tail of the aircraft. "JUMP!!!" Raven screamed at the remaining agent still inside. Wounded but alive. The agent paused for a moment and began to leap..... only to fall back as another bullet pierced his shoulder. A faint 'oof' was heard. Raven watched helplessly as the aircraft took a dive and smashed itself on the ground below taking everything else with it in its path. Raven turned around just in time to see a Rocket sniper pointing a gun right at him. The sniper was 50 feet away but was a damn good shot. A bullet passed harmlessly near the ear of Raven as he dived to the floor. It missed Raven by a couple of inches. _____ "You get him?" "Yeah I did." a man with a rifle replied. "Nice job taking out 4 men and a copter." "Actually I was aiming for the top of the aircraft." "Ok thats nice." ____ Raven sneaked out of the snipers range and swore softly and his predicament. The pilot was killed instantly. The two agents were smashed to bits along with the plane which was beyond repair. To top things off One of the Rockets brought a firearm. Raven had to find James. TBC. Haven't posted in a while. Tell me its real the feelin that we feel tell me that its real don't let love come just, to pass us by Try, is all we have to do its up to me and you - "Tell Me Its Real" Kc & JoJo - The Traumatized Paranoid Insane Burger