From: Tiger1129 <> Subject: [PW!] Fire vs Water Date: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 7:56 PM "Not a bad sized gym!" Jake said looking up at the Dewgong on the sign on the Cerulean City gym. Clarissa glanced. up then pushed the doors open. "Yeah yeah yeah let's go already." They walked down the carpeted hallway and into the main battle pool. Misty was sitting on a cement platformin the middle of the pool, rafts and various other floating objects. They walked towards her, Clarissa ready for the challenge she had been training for her whole carreer. "Hey what's your hurry?" A voice from behind them said. Clarissa turned around. A man pulled himself out of the pool. "Don't you want to battle me?" he asked her while admiring himself in the mirror. He flexed his muscles. Jake growled and stepped forward to show this guy his friend knuckles, but Clarissa held him back. "No Jake it's okay." She walked up to him smiling sweetly. "Hey don't be jealous." The swimmer said to Jake, combing his hair, "The better man won, I'm sure you'll find yourself another woman." Clarissa walked up to him, grabbed his shoulder for balance, and promptly kneed him in the Speedo. He groaned, bent over, and fell back into the pool. Jake grinned. "Was it just me or did his eyes pop out?" They reached the edge of the platform. Misty stood up, "Well if it isn't Clarissa. The black sheep of the Cerulean gym. The only one odf my pupils who left to become a fire pokemon trainer." She sighed. "And you had such potential." Clarissa nodded. "I have a score to settle with you for what you did to my Ponyta." Misty shrugged, "You knew the rules, only water pokemon allowed in the gym while training there." Clarissa spat into the pool. "Alright then you want a battle you got one, Three on three." Misty called from across the pool. "I choose, Togepi!" Nothing happened. She looked over to the corner where the egg pokemon was sleeping soundly. "Oh well I guess I'll choose, Staryu!" A star shaped pokemon appeared from the pokeball Misty threw. "Alright Flareon it's up to you!" The fire dog leaped onto one of the platforms. "Staryu, water gun" "Flareon dodge then firespin!" Flareon leaped over the stream of water when he landed again, waves of fire began to wash over his body, his eyes glowed an eerie blue, "Flare.... eee.. onnnn!" he let loose a tornado of flame which engulfed the Starfish and threw it into the wall. "Oh no Staryu return!" Strayu dissapeared in a flash of light. "Alright! I call Horsea!" "Psy!" a bewildered duck appeared. "Oh no I grabbed the wrong pokeball. Give me a second while I look for it." She began looking for it."Oh no I don't think so," Jake spoke up. "No delay of match, either fight with Psyduck or the round goes to Clarissa!" Misty sighed. "Alright fine. Psyduck return!" "Flareon return!" "Go Starmie!" Clarissa took a pokeball out of her pocket. "Rapidash I choose you!" the horse came charging forward and leaped onto one of the rafts. "Starmie water gun" "Rapidash quick attack." Rapidash began running it ran so fast it ran on the water, and barrled into Starmie. Clarissa threw an X Attack at rapidash. "Starmie Hydro pump." Fountains of water bgan shooting out of the pool around the raft Rapidash stood on. Clarissa threw a X Defense out. Misty tried Hydro pump again. Clarissa threw an X Special, then an X Accuracy. This is how it happened for quite a few rounds, until Rapidash's stats were almost maxed out, but his health was almost gone. "You wasted your X Items Clarissa, your Rapidash it almost finished. Clarissa reached into her back pack and removed a Max Potion. "I don't think so." She used it. Rapidash stood up from the weakened kneeling position he had taken, Misty ordered Starmie to use tackle, Rapidash avoided it. Clarissa threw out one last X attack. Rapidash's flames grew and began to burn white. in a few moments Rapidash's entire body was engulfed in the flames, the raft his stood on was torched and the water around him began to evaporate. "Rapidash, Fire Blast!" A seering bolt of white hot flame flew at the helpless Starmie. "Oh no! Starmie, return!" The red light saved the starfish in the knick of time, the left wall now had a flaming hole where the starfish and previously been standing. Misty snarled and pitched the Cascade badge at the victor who deftly snatched it out of the air. The Saint