From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First Lesson: Snorlax Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 6:56 PM Nendil wrote: > Robert kicked the Snorlax again in frustration, without any better results. > "Isn't there any way to wake this thing up?" > > "The only known way to awaken a Snorlax through artificial means is to play the > PokÚflute in its vicinity," the PokÚpedia reported. > > "PokÚflute?" Robert glanced over at the PokÚpedia's displayed illustration of > the musical instrument. "That looks kinda familiar..." Robert stares into the screen, until his eyelids start to droop in contemplation, and he starts to have a flashback of his own... all the way back to the day he started his journey, a long time ago, in a town not too far, far away... * Flashback * ( Robert, Episode One: Robert begins his journey.) Upon entering the house, he immediately sees Mr. Fuji, entertaining some children and their Pokemon by playing the Poke Flute he often lends to travelers when a Snorlax needs to be moved. Robert waits patiently for the song to be over and watches as the children and their pet Pokemon sit happily and cheer on Mr. Fuji. One little girl is hugging her Slowpoke and two little boys are playing with a Rattata and a Vulpix. * End Flashback * Robert snaps his fingers, "Of course! Mr. Fuji has a few Pokeflutes! Maybe he can lend us one." "Mr. Fuji from Lavender Town?" Mithril-rama inquires, remembering him not only from when she lived in Lavender Town, but also from when she was formally introduced to him on Cinnabar Island. She appears distant for a moment. "There's no time for a flashback, Rilli, we have to go to Lavender Town!" Robert waves his hand in front of Rilli's face, but she doesn't respond, "It looks like she'll be a while. In the mean time, might as well try to wake up this Snorlax the old fashioned way!" He grabs the first Pokeball from his belt and throws it out. The silly purple ghost known as Haunter emerges, and twirls himself up. Robert chuckles and exclaims, "Haunter, time to scare the b'jezus out of this Snorlax!" "Haunter, Haunt! HAW HAW HAW!" Robert's Haunter pulls a large brown mallet out of 'hammerspace' and slams it against the Snorlax's belly, but the blubber is so rubbery, that the mallet bounces back and hits Robert on the head! Haunter turns around to see his master rubbing his head, "HAW HAW HAW! Haunt Haunter!" "I am *not* hammered, Haunter! Not that way..." Robert protests, recomposing himself, and standing ready for action, "Okay, then, use Dream Eater! Let's see if he can continue sleeping while his dreams are being sucked out of him!" "Haw Haw Haunter!" The purple ghost grabs his nonexistent nose with one of his detached hands and phases into the giant Snorlax's body. The Snorlax begins to fidget in his sleep, but soon his angry face shows happiness in the form of a relieved smile! Robert stares at the happy plump Pokemon with one eyebrow raised, "What the heck?" Mere moments later, Robert's Haunter leaps out of the Snorlax, holding the place where his stomach should be with his hands, and turning a pale shade of green. The Ghost Pokemon coughs out his name, "Haw Haw Haunter... Haunt..." "He was having bad dreams?" Robert looks over at the gigantic Pokemon, who is now resting easier than he was before Haunter 'attacked' him, "Like what?" "Haunt... Haunt Haunter... Haw." While Haunter describes the dream, he looks like he's about ready to hurl. Robert can't understand all of what Haunter was explaining, but if the part that was understood was interpreted correctly, he didn't want to continue asking what happened in the Snorlax's nightmare, for fear of getting sick himself. Suddenly, Mithril-rama asks Robert under her breath, "Remember Guido and the robotic Mewtwo?" "Not really, but it's nice to see you're back from flashback land!" Robert exclaims and starts to explain what she missed, "I tried to wake up Snorlax with Haunter's help, but I guess the Pokepedia was right... a Pokeflute is the only way. So let's travel to Lavender Town. I'm sure my mom is worried sick about me, anyhow. I was meaning to pay her a visit! If we start now, we should get to Lavender before nightfall." Robert grabs Haunter's Pokeball off the ground and sucks him back into it. "So, let's go! I'm sure you can teach me more about the Pokemon we see on the way there..." -Robert