From: Nendil <> Subject: Re: [PW!] First Lesson: Snorlax Date: Friday, June 25, 1999 12:05 AM Roberto Perez-Vila <> wrote in message > > Suddenly, Mithril-rama asks Robert under her breath, "Remember Guido and the robotic > Mewtwo?" > > "Not really, but it's nice to see you're back from flashback land!" Robert exclaims > and starts to explain what she missed, "I tried to wake up Snorlax with Haunter's > help, but I guess the Pokepedia was right... a Pokeflute is the only way. So let's > travel to Lavender Town. I'm sure my mom is worried sick about me, anyhow. I was > meaning to pay her a visit! If we start now, we should get to Lavender before > nightfall." Robert grabs Haunter's Pokeball off the ground and sucks him back into > it. "So, let's go! I'm sure you can teach me more about the Pokemon we see on the > way there..." As Robert was talking, Rilli had traced out a quick route on the PokÚpedia. "We could go back through Saffron to get to Lavender, but there's an underground tunnel we can take too. It'd probably be more convenient than traveling through such a large city again." The outskirts of Celadon City is relatively peaceful, with much fewer signs of civilization. Pidgeys fluttered about, cooing to themselves and hunting for food. Once a Vulpix startled the couple as it stuck its head out of the grasses, but it disappeared just as quickly. The entrance of the tunnel was sheltered by a small booth, where a wide flight of stairs led underground. The tunnel was rather well-lit and cool with a draft that came from who-knows-where. Robert and Rilli walked on, holding hands... and walked on... and walked on... and walked on... "This passage is a lot longer than it feels..." Rilli sighed as she shifted her steps a bit to relieve her feet. "Well... it's not really like a shortcut or anything," Robert pondered. "Just an alternate way to get from Celadon to Lavender or vice versa. It's still just as long as walking through Saffron..." "I could fall asleep if I didn't have to keep walking," Rilli muttered. "Maybe they can install those moving sidewalks, and you can just sit and let it take you along," she giggled. And so it continued for another long period of time... until a brighter light filtered through the artificial illumination of the hallway. The exit finally loomed before the two travelers, and ahead lay their home town... Nendil -- The Aquafraternal Fanart Corner