From: Cat-Gonk <> Subject: Re: [PW!] From Seafoam to Cinnabar Date: Sunday, June 06, 1999 6:08 PM Well then, (M.W.F.),wrote: >After a long walk and some fun battles (Praise Allahkazam for having a >Raichu as a travelling companion) they came out on the other side, just >as the sun was setting. White Blade looked around and found a circle of >rocks. This was once of his campsites. And if memory served him >correctly... >He lifted a large rock with some help from Samuraichu and pulled out some >wood. He set thing up for a fire... only to realize he was out of >matches!! He turned to his travelling buddy and asked, "Got a light?" "Rai....." A bolt of lightning shot forth from Samuraichu's tail, vapourising the bundle of firewood. "Try again." "Chu...." Five campfires later, they could finally relax. Tentacool was curled up in Samuraichu's lap, its twin feelers hanging across the Raichu's arm. His halberd was driven into the ground vertically, the blade firmly lodged in the soil. "Raichu rai?" (So, what now?) TBC..... >Wayne> Uh, Garth, is it me or is this PW! over? >Garth> I think you're right. Why are they still reading? >Wayne> I don't know. Come on, let's get out of here. > O.O...... > >... > > >Garth> They're following us man! >Wayne> There's only one thing to do. >Garth> You don't mean.. >Wayne> I'm afraid so. >Garth> Do we really want to show Roseanne nude? (covers eyes.) Cat-Gonk. ---------------------------- Do you believe in Goddish? ------ Azure Heights Pokemon Staff. ( ------ Artwork, Pokepics and Wigglytech at "". GO THERE! ------ Host of "Sunday Night with Cat-Gonk" ------------- Cat-Gonk, Captain of the AGNP Ninth Company. Champion of Goddish. Master of the Pokereligions. Professional Wigglyhound Wrangler. One half of the Wigglytuff Warlords. CEO of the Pokethics Board. Keeper of the Wigglytech Repository. ------------- "Hey, I use Lick! It's a lot better than Night Shade!" - Sn*p*rZ, dead and buried. ------ "The only person I don't usually read is Tauras. Sometimes I can understand it, but usually..." - Dreadite, on whose PW he reads. ------ "..Yes, I get sucked up to. Why? Don't ask me.. ask them. I just stand here... prehaps lunacy is what people want? ^_^.." - Dreadite, on newbies. ------ "Find a Charizard big enough, and I'll consider it." - Goddish. ------ "MAMA NOOOO!!" - AzNPiKaPi, upon hearing that N'Sync will perform the PokeRap. ------ "what'll be next?..make card game about game about pokemon card game" - MegaT, on why Nintendo made a game about the Pokemon card game. ------ "That's an honor, yep it is. Nice to know you're held in high regard, eh Dreadite? - Sean, "NO way! You suck Dreadite! Yea baby! You SUCK!" - Simon (ILM), in response to the above. ------ "Nothing worse than waking up the next morning with a pounding hangover laying next to a Jynx." - Chris Cracknell. ------ "..How about YKYPTMPW: You raid the kindergarten class in a flurry of gunfire, and attempt to set the Playdoh free... "Be free, little Dittos, be free!"..." - Yosh. ------ "Goddish comes to all of the good children on all-oddish eve. He brings you a happy little gloom if you've been nice, and a lump of coal if you've been naughty. He lives in the South Pole and rides a flying cheese-log pulled by 8 rapidash - Obese, Horny, Nuerotic, Nympho, Mucus, Yorrick, Feral and Prozac. He has a bushy green beard of foliage and his belly jiggles like a bowl of borsch....." - Shirak (SN: Arkhan) Question is, does he mean Kris Kringloom? ------ "C:\DOS C:\DOS\RUN RUN\DOS\RUN" - Taken from DSCreamer's .sig ------ "...Actually, it was a combintaion of things. I was just wired late at night (for some unknown reason), and I was inspired by Regulus.." - SaraJSNES, on the subject of her lemon fic "Pokemon Nights". " would it be fair to say you were on Regulus when writing this?" -Adrian Tymes, in response to the above. ------ "...(picks up Goddish's Neat Book of Stuff, and reads it) "And then Goddish said to the AGNPers: Let the bad times weed out the weak Let the good times reward the strong Trolls shall not last forever They only show who is wrong" Fertilizers, 4:13. -MTSowbug, who's claimed Goddish's Neat Book of Stuff..." "...And when plant Pokemon die, they go the the great greenhouse in the sky, where Goddish decides if they've been good or bad. If they've been good, they take root on clouds of Pokeweed smoke, while listening to choirs of Jigglypuff and Clefairy singing. If they've been bad, Goddish puts them in the mulcher and feeds them to everyone else..." Seedlings- 5:63 ------------- All posts posted without a spellchecker (spelchecker?). ------------- "Praise Goddish!" (runs around scattering Vileplume petals) ------------- ----* \\\|/// \(O)/ ( _ ) 0 0 8888888 88888 8 The Great Green One himself watches over my .sig! ------------- Goddish's foliage! I can't add any more stuff to this sig! DAMN YOUR BLACK HEART FREEAGENT!!!!