From: <> Subject: [PW] Fuschia City Showdown Date: Sunday, June 06, 1999 2:08 PM RECAP: Tiki fainted after chasing after a denture stealing Spearow Tiki woke up in a white sheeted bed, "Where am I, where's my Pokemon, what happened?" A man in a lab coat standing next to him him walked over to Tiki. "Nice to see you up, Tiki, my name is Doctor Fredricks, you're at Fuschia City hospital, your Pokemon, are at the Pokecenter, and to answer your final question, you fainted from excess use of psychic powers. You really shpuld be careful with those things. But we've rar some tests while you were asleep and you're okay to go." "Thanks," Tiki got up, and got his stuff, then he went to the Pokecenter. He was greated by his Pokemon's warm hugs and kisses, he put them back in their pokeballs, thanked Nurse Joy and then went back to the Safari Zone Warden's house. "Oh hello, are you okay now?" the Warden asked, Tiki nodded his, head and the warden invited him in. "You know you really had me worried but now that you're okay, what can I do for you?" "I need some info on Rocket that passed through here a long time ago, I wouldn't expect you too remember someone from so long ago, but do you remember a man named Dreadite?" "Boy do I ever, him and some others caused a real rucus in my park some time ago." "Do you know where he went afterwards?" "All I know is that he went through a network of underground tunnels that we found after he left, the tunnels, lead to Mount Moon, and Vermillion City, and some other places." "Oh thanks for your time," Tiki knew there were too many ways that dreadite could have gone from there and it was such a long time ago, Tiki would have to find another way to get Dreadite. "Oh by the way, I just remembered something, a couple of days ago Dreadite was spotted at Celadon City, he killed a man and an Eevee." "Thanks,!" Tiki exclaimed, now that was more like, it. However Tiki didn't have enough money for a Pidgeot ticket, so he'd have to walk there. He decided while he was here he might as well try the Safari zone, maybe he'd catch something there. He did have enough money for some Safari balls, so he bought some and went in. He wandered around without seeing anything, then he spotted a Scyther, he got out some baitand tossed it in front of the Scyther. The Scyther leaned over and started eating the food, Tiki took out a Safari Ball, and threw it at the scyther. The Scyther stood up and and knocked it away, right into Tiki's face. "AHHHHH, you stupid Scyther," Tiki picked up a rock, and in a moment of weakness threw it at the Scyther, it hit him right on top of the head. "SCYTHER!!!!!" "That doesn't sound good." The Scyther started running at Tiki. Tiki reached for a pokeball, but the Ranger at the desk made him leave it behind. Then he reached for his staff, iot too was gone, another thing he had had to leave behind. There was only one thing left to do..... run. "AHHHHHH, someone save me, crazed Scyther!!!!!" The Scyther kept running after him, Tiki kept throwing branches and rocks and anything he could at the Scyther, but it avoided them all. Then Tiki saw the ranger that had his Pokeballs. "Hey mister ranger I need my Pokeballs, right now!!" "I'm sorry I can't...." Tiki punched him in the face, grabbed his staff and Pokeballs, and realled around to see one really pissed Pokemon. Tiki threw out Zip, and Flutter. "Come one you little turd," The scyther noticing that he was out numbered slunked off. Tiki recalled his Pokemon, and turned around, right into his new friend, Cross, the bounty hunter. "Ahh Shi.." "Hello Tiki, I found you," Cross smirked, and pulled out a gun and put it too Tiki's gut. "No more goofing around, you die now. Tiki realizing he was insome shit,held his hands up, then using his powers shoved the gun out of Cross's hands. "What the hell, how'd you do that," Cross said in amazment. "Sorry can't tell you," Tiki then pushed Cross back with his powers, Tiki better watch out he didn't have much more Psychic power left before he fainted. Tiki grabbed a Pokeball, and threw it out, Sinder appeared. "Alright if you want a Pokemon battle you've got one," Cross grabbed a Pokeball, and threw it, out popped a Spearow. "This Spearow look familiar, he gave you that cut on your hand," Cross pointed. "So that's the turd that took the golden teeth, well I still owe him some pay back. Sinder, Fire Spin it now." "Spearow, Agility, get out threw the fire tornado before it closes around you." The spearow narrowly got threw the fire column. "Now Mirror Move it." The Spearow let loose his own, fire which wrapped around Sinder and torched him. "Ahhhh Sinder Return," Tiki tried to return Sinder but the Fire Pokemon dodged the red light. "Char Meleon, Char, Char (I'm going to win this battle, not one of the others)" At this Sinder Charged the Spearow and tried to Skull bash it, but the spearow dodged it's attempts at attcking it. "Spearow, Sky Attack it," The bird flew up and then cam crashing into the Charmeleon, "Ha you're none flying Pokemon can never beat my high flying sperow. Then Sinder tried Flamthrower but the Agile Bird dodged it, and dive bombed Sinder with another Sky Attack. "Sinder you tried givbe up now you can't beat him," Tiki yelled. "CHAR MELEON (Yes I can)" Charmeleon Tried to Dragon Rage the Bird but it mirror Moved it and they canceled each other out. "Spearow finish it with a Drill Peck," the Spearow started Flying at the Charmeleon, but then the Charmeleon started glowing, then he started growing, taller, and more muscukar, then it grew a pair of wings, when it stopped glowing a Charizard stood in the place of a Charmeleon. "Alright Sinder you evolved!!" Tiki yelled. As the Sperow went for the Charizard, Sinder reached out a muscular hand grabbed the Spearow and threw at a tree. Then Sinder flew up into the air, the Spearow tried to attack the Charizard with another Drill Peck but the Fire Pokemon was to Agile now. As the Spearow passed, Sionder head Butted, it then Followed up with a flamethrower, and then knocked it out with another Skull bash. Cross recalled it, and was about to send out another Pokemon when he heard the Sirens of Police. "You've won again, but I'll get you next time, he held up a little litght pushed a button, there was a bright flash, when tiki got his sight back Cross was gone, Tiki recalled, Sinder. Then he explained everything to the Ranger's, In fact the Warden gave Tiki a cash Prize, and thanked him for stopping a known criminal. Tiki left and headed towards the Pokecenter, then after that he thought, on to get some of Charm's other TMs. TBC ________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL ME: "Where there's a Pokemon there's a way!" Quark, the White Dragon from Lunar:Silver Star Story- "I don't know why you people are so interested in those things, don't you know that they're made from my shi... oh never mind." Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.