From: Bandraptor <> Subject: Re: [PW!][NC] Future's End Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 4:24 AM In article <>, violaterop@home.comRADE (Black Hole) writes: > >"I swore never to use this unless I was forced to..." BH said as he >pulled a smallish gun from a pocket in his uniform... "What the hell >are you talking about, BH?" Car'tos yelled, "this is no time to act >insane!" > >A click was heard and the gun grew longer... "Don't ask questions but >cover your ears." Car'tos, Nori, the two creatures, and their Pokemon >covered their ears as the gun shot and a stange looking PokéBall shot >out and whacked the Dragonite in the head, enraging it even more. > >A pink, balloon like creature came out of the ball. "GAH! Have you no >mercy, man?" Nori yelled. Car'tos shuddered along with the others, >including Nori's Magmar, still dancing. > >A loud "Wiggly" peirced the air as the the horrid creature started >glaring at it, smileing, evilly. > >Just then, Nori's Magmar stopped dancing and shot a beam at the large >Dragon, knocking both it and the Magmar back. This was when the >Wigglytuff decided to strike, it started Glareing, followed by a >Screech and the Dragonite ran, scared. The Wigglytuff wouldn't be >escaped easily, she followed it. > >Some singing was heard from the tunnel and then a large explosion. BH >recalled the chubby balloon, shooting the red beam far into the >cavern. the beam came back right before part of the cave collapsed. > >BH then hurled a ball in the direction of where the Dragonite was. "We >can pick it up later," he said, "we might need it in the future. Now >lets get the hell out of here so we can get to the end of this bloody >cavern!" Unbeknownst to BH and the others, Rubix had already snuck off into the rubble, and claimed the pokéball as his own... The trio rounded a corner, and nearly crashed into the two creatures. "You!" BH cried, where the hell've you been?!?" The two creatures exchanged glances. "We... left the oven on." "Back home." "And had to return home." "To turn it off, you see..." "Oh, that explains it..." Nori whistled. "Hey... wait a minute!" "You ducked out on us!" Car'tos finished. "You cowardly slugs!" "We are indeed cowards," the first creature ventured. "But we make no effort to hide that." The other creature scowled, pointedly. "Yes. You are at fault, for expecting us to fend for you. Really, how selfish!" "Shaddup, the lot of ya!" Black Hole called, over his shoulder. "Look, thanks to that cave in, our path through the catacombs is blocked. The good news is, the ceiling's down! Now's our chance to blow this joint!" Black Hole leapt atop his Charizard, and Nori pulled out her Porygon. Car'tos spread his wings, and with a look of annoyance, airlifted the two creatures out of the caved in burrow. As they were flying, Nori noticed, that her Porygon was moving more slowly than usual... and it seemed to be leaning to one side... "Porygon, have you been sniffing bactine again?" "[...]," it mumbled. <I'm only brought out as plot device... I'm a prop! A prop! My life has no meaning! I had nothing else to turn to...> Had Nori looked investigated the problem, she would have seen a Wartortle, hanging from Porygon's foot, by the tips of its fingers... * * * "There!" One of the creatures cried, from under Car'tos' arm, "Touch down there!" The three landed in a darkened alley, and Car'tos released his hold on the creatures. Nori and BH both recalled their pokémon, and they started off, on foot. "So, where d'ya think we'll find Simon?" Nori asked aloud. "We will show the way," one creature hissed, ducking in and out of shadows. "Hey..." BH whispered to Car'tos, "I thought these freaks were confined to the Outlands... but these two seem to know their way around the human cities, as well." One creature's eyes lit up, with the impetuosity of a child, who knew he'd done something to upset his parents. "That is true..." it chuckled, "...but we like to... 'test' the boundaries." "I don't like the sounds of that..." Nori mumbled. "Think these guys plan on attacking the humans?" "I don't know." BH started, slowing his step, to fall further behind the creatures. "But I think it would be a very good idea, at this point, for us to get as far away from them as possible. Not only because we can't trust them, but also because they'll blow are cover. What little cover we have, at any rate..." he added gesturing to Car'tos and his Rocket uniforms, an odd sight, in a world ruled by Simon Locke. Car'tos nodded, and the three of them quickly spun on their heels, and ran off, down another alley. TBC... -Beth "Ii kanji!"