From: Black Hole <violaterop@home.comRADE> Subject: Re: [PW!][NC] Future's End Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 9:40 AM On Wed, 09 Jun 1999 14:45:38 GMT, PikaMew <> wrote: > >> Car'tos nodded, and the three of them quickly spun on their heels, >and ran off, >> down another alley. >> >"BH, Never... NEVER take that gun out again!" >"Im sorry, but it had to be done." >"But... why so scary?" >"Its not my falt it looks like that." >"Forget guys," Came in Nori, "I think i found someone." > >The trio walked down dirty alley. Bones of dead Humans and Pokes were >here and there. As they walked on, voises were heard. >"When are we going to strike back?" said a soft, caring female voise. >"Im not sure, not that many of us left..." came a hard male voise. > >Black Hole and Car'tos looked at each other. >"Rockets!" They said together. >Car'tos put Nori on his back, and they ran toward the sound. >As they neared a turn, light flickered off the red brick wall. >Nori walked up to the turn, and just waved her arms and said "Um.. Hi." >The Rockets looked dirty, with scars on their faces. Their cloths had >holes, and looked like they hadn't been washed in years. > >"Who are you? What do you want!?" Asked Jessie. >"Im Nori." >"Why does your name sound..." >There was a loud crash, and flapping sound. >"Heh... From the Skies to the Ground, Car'tos takes your pokemon, and >makes them ours!" > >Car'tos stood on the edge of a near by roof. >There was a bright flash, and a mushroom shaped expolson next to >Car'tos. >"Burn... Burn... Let the world burn. Let the world burn and they will >learn, one should not place with flame for this one likes to play a >game" > >Black Hole walked out of the fire, unburned. >They looked at each other, and steped off the edge. Car'tos gracefuly >floated down with his arms over his chest, as BH just fell with his >arms out. As they landed, the group of Rockets steped back. >"Car'tos and Black Hole are both members of Team Rocket.... as i will >be soon." Said Nori to the group. > >"Nori, u gonna be a Rocket too?" >Nori nodded at Car'tos, and unpacked her Rocket get-up. >"Jessie and James?" Asked BH. >"Yes, its us. But we're one member short.." See lowered her head as >James started talking. >"Poor Meowth died trying to kill Simon... he died so bravely..." >The handful of 7 Rockets started to cry. > >"We.. we are planing an attack on the ATR base.. but we need a leader." >siad James wiping his tears away. >Car'tos smiled, and walked up with his gun in hand. "Oh boy..." BH said, sighing. "What? Do you have a problem with me being leader?" Car'tos asked, agrily glareing at BH. "Nothing, nothing." "Lets go out there and kick some ATR arse!" Car'tos exclaimed, about to run out to the base when BH grabbed him. "Now hold on, here! How are the 10 of use gonna smash a base with hundreds of people in it? Explain that, o' fearless leader." BH said with a smirk. Car'tos grumbled and turned to the group, "Well, you all said you have a plan. Let's hear it" TBC... (It's short, so sue me =p) --- AIM SN: BH Zero X --- "Fear... fear attracts the fearful, the strong, the weak, the innocent, the corrupt. Fear, fear is my ally." -- Darth Maul, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace <BH's Palpatine Figure> *looks at Sidious* Hey, am I really that ugly when I'm a dark Sith Lord? <Sidious> Shut up. "Darth Shop, Darth Store, Darth Maul..." -- Agent 0007 My death day will be Saturday, January 24, 2054