From: Tauras <> Subject: [PW!]Gambling Pikachus Date: Sunday, June 13, 1999 1:50 PM "I think I know a cure for that electricity thing. If you get shocked, you turn back to normal!" said Shock. "Thankssss for the help" said Scy. "Its nothing, really" replied Shock. A man walked up behind Scy, and tapped him on the back. Scy swung around, nearly taking the man's head off. "It appears that you're a trainer. How about a trade?" asked the man. "Ssssure. I have a Bellsprout, 2 Weepinbells and a Psyduck" replied Scy, not wanting to trade Stalker. "How about I give you a: Pikachu, Exeggute, Ninetales, Snorlax, and Cloyster for them? They are all from Pokemon Island, and are different colors, I even taught them some TMs!" offered the man. "Sssure" replied Scy. They made the trade. "You really ripped him off" said Shock. "I did?" asked Scy. "Yeah, he gave you 5 rare Pokemon, for 4 common ones" replied Shock. "Well, I'm going to name them" said Scy, as he called them out. "Pikachu, your new name is Bluff, ok?" asked Scy. Bluff nodded. "Snorlax, your new name is Blubber, ok?" asked Scy. Blubber nodded. "Exeggute, your new name is Omelet, ok?" asked Scy. All the little eggs jumped up and down. "Ninetales, your new name is Firel, ok?" askedScy. Firel nodded. "Cloyster, your new name is Bivalve, ok?" asked Scy. Bivalve clapped its shells together. "Well, there's my new team. What do you think?" asked Scy. "I must say, it's a good team" replied Shock. "Nemite!" said Magnemite. A drunk stumbled into the Game Corner. " Go pokerball" said the drunk. "Pika Chu Chu Kapi cha!" said Bluff. He blasted the man out of the door. "Good one Bluff, here's a few coins" said Scy. "Pikaa" said Bluff, as he went to one of the machines. He put 3 coins in, and pulled the lever. 3 7's appeared, "PIKA PIIII!" yelled Bluff. Coins began to fly out of the machine. "Good job!" said Scy. Shock laughed. Bluff put the coins in a small bag, and went to claim a prize. He came back riding a Porygon. "Can I have that?" asked Scy. "Pika chaaa" said Bluff. "He said he's going to ride it, its not for fighting" said Scy. "Figures, he looks lazy" replied Shock. "PIKAAA" yelled Bluff as he gave Shock a little static to screw up his hair. He patted it back to how it normally was. Scy recalled his pokemon, before they got too rowdy. Scy's Next Story: Mystery at the Game Corner -- Tauras24! E-mail: AIM: Tauras24 ICQ: 34504139(Tauras) Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.