From: Cat-Gonk <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Geh! Smoke! Date: Friday, June 18, 1999 3:51 PM Meeh! Meeh caheeh! (The Grand Poobah of WeirdVille) caheeh meeh!: >As Dustin opened the door to the Pokecenter, he noticed that the place filled >with a green-grey smoke. He withdrew Tekno. >"Tekno, transform into a large fan and blow the smoke out of here!" Dustin >shouted. >Tekno complied, and blew the smoke out the door. He noticed a few people on the >ground, coughing. A few were staggering around, dazed. He sat down at a bench, >and picked up a copy of the Pokezine. One article caught his attention. It was >titled 'Sunday Night with Cat-Gonk'. He started to read it as he waited for >somebody to attend the counter. Elsewhere, outside the Pokecentre.... "Felix, why does Cat-Gonk suck so much at interaction?" Kirsty was still under the influence, and careening into walls and other people. "Maybe he's illiterate." He fished Oddish out from the water, its leaves already regenerated. The lake seemed a bit shallower than before. "Felix, why are we still here after almost a month?" Kirsty began flapping her arms. "Ooo, pretty Butterfree..." "Maybe we've been put on hold." She leapt into the air, and faceplanted. "And what is the deal with that guy?" It was the same person they saw earlier, walking into the Pokecentre. "I'm going to sort this out." Glaring, Felix strode into the Pokecentre, found Dustin and picked him up by the throat. "WHAT ARE YOU!!!!" TBC... Cat-Gonk. ---------------------------- Do you believe in Goddish? Azure Heights Theorist Prime. Best of AIM- Draedite: ^_^ We shall posth in thye old speech! Spelling doth not bother us, for they had not literacy in those foul times. ^_^ CatGonk: Aye, for the vile WebTV users know not of English Draedite: That be a plague apon our fair lands... Warning- Cat-Gonk contains coarse language