From: Cat-Gonk <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Gleaming Blades Date: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 1:28 AM Meeh! Meeh caheeh! (M.W.F.) caheeh meeh!: >As they approached, White Blade jumped off. "Not a bad trip. Of course, >I guess I'm just used to riding Laprases over the water." Tsunami almost >seemed pleased at the complement. >----- >Samuraichu was busy getting his Koffings and Tsunami together. "I have >to get to Professor Oak's house ASAP. I have a... friend waiting there." >Are you coming along?" "Chu raichu!" (Let's go!) Tsunami hopped into her custom Pokeball, desgined to accomodate her barding. Expresso and Cappucino exictedly floated besides Samuraichu in a perfect v-formation, happy to be home in Pallet once more. >TBC! (Remember Draconi?) Sorri....(ducks Wigglytuffs). I can't even remember what I did in my own PWs a month back.... (Tick: "Hello? Is anybody there? Write me a PW!!!") Cat-Gonk. ---------------------------- Do you believe in Goddish? Azure Heights Theorist Prime. Best of AIM- Draedite: ^_^ We shall posth in thye old speech! Spelling doth not bother us, for they had not literacy in those foul times. ^_^ CatGonk: Aye, for the vile WebTV users know not of English Draedite: That be a plague apon our fair lands... Warning- Cat-Gonk contains coarse language