From: M.W.F. <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Gleaming Blades Date: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 10:13 PM Listen up! This is what Cat-Gonk said! > Meeh! Meeh caheeh! (M.W.F.) caheeh meeh!: > > >As they approached, White Blade jumped off. "Not a bad trip. Of course, > >I guess I'm just used to riding Laprases over the water." Tsunami almost > >seemed pleased at the complement. > >----- > >Samuraichu was busy getting his Koffings and Tsunami together. "I have > >to get to Professor Oak's house ASAP. I have a... friend waiting there." > >Are you coming along?" > > "Chu raichu!" (Let's go!) > > Tsunami hopped into her custom Pokeball, desgined to accomodate her > barding. Expresso and Cappucino exictedly floated besides Samuraichu > in a perfect v-formation, happy to be home in Pallet once more. White Blade walked down the road to Professor Oak's house. It had been long since he last spoke to his friend. While walking down the road, he spied a newspaper. Not the headline, but attention getting. It was about a researcher who was buried yesterday. ----- <KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK> "Just a second, I'll be right there." Prof. Oak walked down the hall, dismayed that someone was interfering with his peotry time. Ash's Krabby wouldn't like that. He got to the door and opened it. "Who's there?" "Oak! It's been a while. How've you been?" "Who's there?" "Uh, down here!" Oak looked down to what he thought was the strangest thing he'd ever see. A Raichu with his two Koffings and a Clefairy with a scar on one eye and a katana strapped to his back. "Well, you gonna stand there or are you gonna invite us in?" ----- White Blade sipped his tea (with extra, extra, EXTRA sugar and honey) as Oak absorbed what he heard. "So, you have to find Mew's Children in order to get changed back, eh?" "No gaurantee, but that's the basic of it. I was hoping you could help me out." "I doubt Mimic has that kind of power." White Blade stopped for a second. "Who?" "Oh, just a friend of mine. It's not important. But you do realize that your task is dangerous." "Oak, I have to hunt down Mewtwo and any number of pokemon AND people. Those genes were used in many ways. Unfortuneately, I have no idea who has those genes. A Vulpix burnt everything up." "Well, I can only wish you luck." "And you can get me Draconi." This had Oak pause. "Hello? I'm gonna need his help." In the background, you could hear two Koffings talking about how the cappucinos and expressos were here. "Where's Draconi?" "In the back. He's the only thing that's been keeping that Muk calm for some time now." "Well, I'll need his help." ----- White Blade walked out to the back. He could see Draconi slumbering away like there was no tomorrow. He walked up quietly, tiptoed to his head, and softly... gently... quietly... screamed at the tops of his lungs, "GET YOUR FAT LAZY BUTT UP NOOOOOOW!!" Draconi must have jumped 10 feet in the air. He looked around and shouted, "Yes sir! Yes sir!" He finally realized that the voice he heard wasn't his master's... err, it was, but he didn't see him. All he saw was a Clefairy. "Ooh... must have had a nightmare." "You will have them if you don't stay awake, big buddy. We got work to do." That was his master's voice, but it was coming from a Clefairy. "You sound like my master. Cute trick." "Trick nothing. It's me, your master." After a bit of conversation that proved who he was, how RK became White Blade, and told what both of them had been doing in the mean time (Draconi did nothing but sleep), White Blade stated his goals. "If we can find them, I can get back to normal." "I kinda like you like this, master. Easier to talk to. Especially since you can understand me now." "Be that as it may, I have my own plans." "I understand master." "And quit calling me master. My name is now White Blade." "Yes sir." "grrrr..." TBC!!