From: Agent 0007 <> Subject: [PW!] Got Money? Date: Saturday, June 12, 1999 4:42 PM Andrew sat down on a chair in the meeting room. It was a large rectangular table. 5 people sat on each sides, Andrew sat on one end and another guy who seemed to be the leader sat on the other end of the table. "Good day, I am the head of the council, Jeff Nammley." Jeff spoke to Andrew. "Hello. I hope you don't mind me asking but, why am I here?" Andrew replied. "Well, we are here for a proposal, to fund Team Pokémon." "REALLY?!" Andrew said excitingly. He hurried quickly to try to control himself, he wa sin a meeting after all. "Yes we will, on some conditions." "I see, what are they?" Andrew now was a little skeptical. "Well, you must destroy Sage-X." Andrew was completely shocked now, but still tried to act mature. "How do you know about him...?" Andrew interrogated. "He called Pokémon League claiming that he has a Mew...for ransom." Jeff said. "Not really caught in a ball, but we think has captured it his own way." another one interupted. "I see, but do you know about..." "Yes we do, Andrew, we know he was the murderer of your father. That's why we thought you might have the power to kill him. Sage-X has the ability to morph into creatures, human or pokemon, that is why a civilian claimed Mewtwo had killed him." After a quite long meeting, Andrew accepted to try to stop Sage-X and also rescue his encaptured Mew, so that Team Pokémon may be funded. "If you need to have a meeting or just need to contact me, here's my phone number. Memorize this card and then burn it, do not let anyone see this number accept for the well trusted members of Team Pokémon." Jeff handed Andrew a card. The limo drove back to Celadon and Andrew stayed at a hotel for the night. --- TBC -- Team Pokémon-> Agent 0007 ICQ:13178347 AIM: Agent O0O7 Creator of A.G.N.P. and A.B.P.