From: The Carroll's <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Gyrados quest Date: Saturday, June 05, 1999 12:54 PM Magic T. Dragon wrote: > > Otaku67 wrote: > <snip> > > ::hands her a big hammer to whack Earthlink with:: > > [OOCly thanks and WHACKS Earthlink until it screams.] > > <snip> > > Natasha turned to give him a hug, but noticed he was face down in the sand. And > > bleeding out his back. > > > > As if Gyrados had been able to commit a final act of revenge, one of Gyrados's > > razor sharp fins had punctured Tenchi in the back. And he wasn't moving. > > > > TBC... > > > > -otaku67 > > Natasha froze for a few seconds. > > /~Master?!~\ > > Scyther ripped her out of a shell of terror. She turned to him. "Go get > Nurse Joy, or a hospital, or...Oh, Goddish, just go get someone!!" > > Scyther nodded and flew off at top speed. > > Shaking, she crouched down and shook Tenchi by the shoulder. Charmander > provided a few nice, loud noises. Nothing. > > While she tried to sort her thoughts out, her Pokémon all decided that > the knew exactly what to do. > /~Just wait! Someone will be here soon. You don't know what you're > doing; you might make things worse!~\ > /~No, you have to get a bunch of towels! Lots and lots of towels!~\ > /~Towels?! No, you need boiled sea water!!~\ > /~Get the fin out!~\ > /~Leave it in! Getting it out will do even more bad!~\ > /~Don't move him!~\ > /~No, roll him over right away, or he'll choke on the sand...~\ > /~Just stay calm, don't rush, and think before you act.~\ > /~HURRY!!! Waiting won't help!!~\ > > Natasha winced. "Just, be quiet!" > > /~Keep him warm!!~\ > /~No, the cold is good!~\ > > "SHUT UP!" > > Stunned silence. > > "Thank you." > > She paused. Sand doesn't make for very good air, but removing the fin > could be just as bad. > > "Goddish, let this be the right choice..." > > Charmander rushed over with...towels?! There must have been a dozen, > still plastic-wrapped. Natasha didn't bother thinking about where > Charmander could have found the money, or where he'd bought them. She > ripped two open and spread them out on the sand. > > Before she was sure she'd even started to remove it, Gyarados' fin was > discarded into the waters. Still shaking, she carefully rolled Tenchi > onto his back, not noticing the help from several Pokémon. > > The next few minutes passed in a blur until the ambulance arrived. One > of the workers held up a clipboard and asked Natasha to describe what > had happened. > > "We killed Gyarados, finally...but it wouldn't just go down! It > exploded, and the fin hit him..." Her voice cracked. "I got the fin out, > and Charmander got some towels, and he was choking on the sand, so I put > down some towels to keep the sand down and I rolled him over..." She > held her head in confusion. > > "And...Goddish took over..." > Booga fluttered after the Ambulance. he flew through the open window, and landed next to Natashia. He started to talk to Natashia, when a bubble of thought rose in his mind. /~hello, little blue puppet~\ Then Booga realised he couldn't speak. "I saw what happened." he said, but didn't try to say. /~Hahaha! I see you've realised who I am now, Booga.~\ /~No matter how hard you try, you can't stop a psychic from telapathically speaking!~\ he mentally shouted at Gyrados. Gyrados made booga's body shudder when he realised this. <<Natashia! Gyrados is alive! He took over my body, and now he is in me!>> Natashia literally jumped from her seat. "What's wrong?" Gyrados-Booga said, trying to mask the problem. <<Don't believe my physical self! Gyrados is controlling my whole body! He's planning to kill you, and me!>> /~nice attempts, puff-ball, she still wont believe you~\ then gyrados went back to planning... TBC -- Booga