From: Magic T. Dragon <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Gyrados quest Date: Saturday, June 05, 1999 4:38 PM Otaku67 wrote: <snip> > Back in the real world, Nightbird had defeated Charmander and weedle with ease. > Natasha sent out Clefairy. > > TBC > > -otaku67 'Sing.' "Flamethrower." Clefairy rocked from side to side as she sang, causing Nightbird to doze off just before she could use Flamethrower. ----- "Out of my way, bug. You can't stop me, not now..." "It's OVER, Gyarados--" "This can't go on! She must be destroyed!" Natasha paused. "Wait just a minute...what in Goddish's name made you decide this?" Gyarados hissed. "This isn't about *you*, not yet! You must be destroyed before..." "Before *what*?" "Shut up! This doesn't concern you." Natasha did a double-take. "So, bug, you think you can stop me? Come on and try." Scyther kept watching Gyarados, but shouted to Natasha over his shoulder. "Get out of here! Hurry!" Natasha hesitated slightly before running down an open corridor. /~Keep going!~\ She ran until a terrible scene flooded her mind. Gyarados laughing, while she and Tenchi battled on the beach, their Pokémon scattered along it, fainted. The scene became more real as she focused on Clefairy and Flareon fighting. Nightbird was asleep. Clefairy was charging a Metronome. A voice announced the attack. /~Explosion.~\ The next image was fuzzy. Sand was still falling over the beach. A puddle of crimson was spreading over it. "Oh, Goddish..." "Tenchi..." ----- Just an instant before Clefairy could complete Metronome, Natasha was thrown violently into the real world. "STOP!!!" Clefairy blinkblinked, startled. /~Teleport.~\ She disappeared, and promptly reappeared behind Natasha. Nightbird woke up, still under the spell. She still remembered her last order, and readied a Flamethrower. --Natasha V.