From: M.W.F. <> Subject: [PW!] Hello Mom Date: Friday, June 25, 1999 3:05 AM Listen up! This is what Cat-Gonk said! > Meeh! Meeh caheeh! (M.W.F.) caheeh meeh!: > > >> Samuraichu leapt at the training White Blade, and plunged his halberd > >> into the ground as a challenge. His strength was clear, the > >> pole-weapon was a good three feet into solid concrete. > >> > >> [Enguarde!] > > > >[OOC: Draconi's speech should have been in brackets also. This was an > >error on my part. Sorry ^^] > > > >It wasn't long before he realized White Blade wasn't even paying > >attention. "Chu?" White Blade's arms were moving at a speed that almost > >seemed unreal. White Blade looked tense, when he suddenly raised his > >arms in the air, jumped up, and slammed into the ground, fist first. > >Nothing happened... then the ground ripped out from under Samuraichu's > >feet! He nearly fell down into the fissure, which promptly snapped shut. > > > >[What the heck was that?], Raichu shouted. > > > >White Blade lay on the ground panting and gasping. "Me... Metronome. 2 > >down, 2 to go. Draconi, give me a hand, would you?" The 10-foot high > >Dragonite picked him up and put White Blade on his back. "I'm sorry, I > >didn't mean to seem like I was ignoring you." > > > >[Is this why you were training yourself like crazy?] > > > >"Yes. I was pushing myself to the limit. For my goals I'll.. need it." > >White Blade promptly fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. > > "Chu?" > > Samuraichu fumbled through his rucksack and took out a dusty, almost > brand-new Pokedex. He'd never needed it since entering Hellion's > Pokemon Tech, only carrying it as a form of indentification. Aiming it > tentatively at White Blade, he pressed a button. > > "Clefairy," said an electronic voice. "Current abilities, Metronome, > Minimise...." > > The Pokedex began to vibrate, smoke pouring from its back. > > "Clefai.....ew.....fairy....Me...." > > Samuraichu slapped the Pokedex's side a few times before the device > exploded in a hail of plastic and circuitry. > > "Rai?" > > TBC.... > > (Moof, void this post if you want. I'm just not sure of how you want > this to unfold.) [OOC: Beat me to the punch ^^] Rodney... A voice echoed through the blackness. Rodney? White Blade looked around. He could barely make out a figure. "Rodney, you must hurry." "You again. My name is White Blade now." "My children and grandchildren are starting to fight amongst themselves." "Grandchildren?" "Please, before some one gets hurt that doesn't need to be." "Now..." A mist surrounded White Blade. He felt sick to his stomach when suddenly... ----- Draconi was using his Blizzard breath to help keep things cool. White Blade seemed to be running a fever. He finally snapped out of it and opened his eyes slowly. "Criminy, it's cold as hell!" <You were running hot.> White Blade turned over to see Samuraichu, standing there and watching. He also noticed what looked like a broken pokedex behind him. <We were trying to control your fever.> "Oh, that, I'm OK. A Clefairy's body temperature rises drastically when they train too much and haven't eaten in a while. Let's get something to eat. That'll take care of me." ----- White Blade couldn't halp but think in his mind, "Grandchildren? This is not good." TBC in Viri=dian City! ^^