From: Insanellama <> Subject: [PW!] Insanellama leaves Saffron Date: Monday, June 14, 1999 6:14 AM Insanellama saddled up Darkhorse, and rode around town. He had six badges, he needed to face Blaine. That meant another trip to Cinnabar island. He hadn't liked the presence he had felt while on the island previously. But it looked like it was time to face it again. He rode to the saffron fearow airport. "1 ticket to cinnabar island on the next available flight there," he said to the clerk. The clerk handed him a ticket. He boarded the flight They landed in an empty field. Insanellama saddled up and rode to the gym. There was a sign on the door, "We've moved to a new location, come see us inside the volcanoe." Insanellama really didn't like that, even if it had been dormant for a few thousand years. He rode to within a quarter mile of the volcanoe. He saw a cave, "This must be the place," he thought to himself. He dismounted, since the cieling was low, and lead Darkhorse in by his lead rope. He walked right up to blaine, until they were almost nose to nose. Blaine said "Ah, I see you are an admirer of fire pokemon as well, come to train under me have you?" "Not exactly," Insanellama said, "I've come to beat you in a battle." Blaine smiled, "2on2, VULPIX GO!" Insanellama frowned at him, "SQUIRTLE GO, SQUIRTLE WATER GUN CONTINUOUS SPRAY NOW!" "VULPIX FLAMETHROWER NOW!" Squirtle extenguished vulpix's flame thrower attack. When he finally stopped the water barrage, vulpix had fainted. "MAGMAR GO!" a magmar crawled out of a pool of molten rock near by. "SQUIRTLE WATER GUN NOW!" "MAGMAR FIREPUNCH NOW!" Magmar almost shrugged off the water gun, he was taking damage, but not enough fast enough. He punched squirtle very very hard. Squirtle went flying into the wall, or would have, had Insanellama not returned him. "DARKHORSE GO!" "Fool, use a fire pokemon against the master of fire pokemon? MAGMAR FIRE SPIN NOW!" "DARKHORSE, USE YOUR SPEED, DODGE IT, STOMP NOW!" Darkhorse deftly dodged the tempest of fire, and charged, then lept into the air, and came crashing down hooves first onto magmar. After impact, it quickly jumped off to avoid injury to itself. Magmar was barely concious, "MAGMAR RETURN!" said Blaine. Magmar jumped into the pool of lava. Blaine tossed Insanellama a badge. "Good technique." "Thanx," said Insanellama as he walked out of the volcano. TBC