From: syke6888 L <> Subject: [PW!] Leaving the Ranch Date: Friday, June 04, 1999 7:26 PM (OOC: Remember, this is my first story, e-mail if anything's wrong.) As John left the Larame Ranch he felt an empty feeling in his gut. Ariel, Flash and Spark were at his side, and tried to make him feel better. But John's mind was on other things. (Begin flashback) "So, you've decided to leave now, John?" asked Lara Larame, who treated John like her little brother. "Afraid so. I can only do so much here at the ranch. Besides, Ariel told me that she wants to be a Vaporeon and see the world." was John's reply. His three Eevees raced up to him. Ariel was the first to reach him,and said, "ee vee vee ee." "Okay you three, time to evolve" said John as he took out three stones: Water, Fire, and Thunder. Touching the Fire Stone to Flash, the Water Stone to Ariel and the Thunder Stone to Spark, the three evolved, ready for the journey. "Well, I guess I can't stop you. Just remember we are always ready to help you in every way possible." said Lara. her Rapidash reached over, giving John a wet, sloppy kiss. Then John grabbed his backpack, said his goodbyes and left what was his home for 15 years. (end flashback) Suddenly, John was brought back to reality by Ariel, who told him of a small bird Pokémon nearby. "duo duo do duo" said the intruder. "Hey, a Doduo. Okay Spark, give it your Thundershock!" "Jolt!" shouted the Pokemon as he let loose with 100 volts of pure energy. One shocling encounter later, the Doduo fought back with a peck. "Spark, use bite!" shouted John. Spark easily chomped the bird, groundng it hard. "Pokéball, go!" shouted John, tossing the red sphere. Once...twice...three times! The light went out on the ball, and Doduo was caught! "Yes! Now for a quick check on this bird." said John. "Hmmm, female Doduo, knows Peck and Growl. Not bad, not bad. I'll name her Tara." "Jolt jolteon" was Spark's reply on learning the sex of the bird. "Sorry Spark. I lnow you're losing the battle of the sexes, but I'll make sure the next Poké is a male." With his new Doduo attached to his belt, John headed to Fuschia City... TBC? (OOC: Well, give me feedback on this, I ask you.) Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.