From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Let's try this again, shall we? ^^; Date: Sunday, June 20, 1999 12:05 AM Medellia Blue wrote: > The Rocket tossed the pokeballs she had taken behind her- at this point, > escaping was more important than the mission's success. She ran out the > door, and glancing behind to be sure she wasn't being followed, into the > entrance to Mount Moon. > > Once inside, she ducked behind a rock. Andrea first sighed, and then smiled. > "Well, I guess I won't be reporting back after all." As Andrea talked to herself, a little girl came running up the path she had just taken. Although this one seemed like a non-threat, Andrea ducked further behind the rock just the same. Only for the girl to leap over the rock. "Found you!" Andrea recoiled for a second before common sense took over. This child could not possibly be a threat. Her grey robes looked a little wierd (and big on her), but Andrea saw neither weapons nor pokemon concealed within. Andrea un-flinched and prepared to intimidate her... She giggled. Andrea blinked. "You's the Rocket that just held up that Pokemon Center. Don't deny it, I saw you myself. Don' worry, I won' tell anyone. In fact, I's got somethin' to show you." "Err..." "*PWEASE* let me show you!?!" Her eyes widened, giving Andrea a puppy Growlithe look that, as it happened, was a perfect replica of the emotional attack that humans first examined when they began to study psychic powers. "Unca Doppwer was not pweased when I let Mimic go, but he said I could make up by showing a Wocket what I did. It's in Cewulean, just thwo the mountain." "Umm...look, Miss...what was your name again?" "Oh. Uh, Unca Doppwer said I shouldn't give out my name. You can call me...''taru', for now." TBC?