From: NinjaMecha <> Subject: [PW!] Losing control Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 5:01 AM Thunder made his was through Celedon city, and into the gym. He followed the signs to a main room, where a young girl was tending to some Bellsprouts. "Excuse me." Thunder said, glancing around the room. The girl looked up. "Oh, hello. I suppose you want a match?" Thunder nodded. "Very well, i am Erika, leader of this gym. This shall be a 3 pokemon match." Thunder just stared. 'She's beautiful', he thought to himself. He snapped himself out of it, and sent out Blob. Erika gasped, and sent out Gloom. "Use stun spore!" "Pound." The foul smelling spore hit Blob, but did little, considering he already stunk. Blobs pound was really more of an ooze however, and Erika was forced to recall her Gloom due to the fact it was choking. She sent out a Tangela as Glooms replacement. "Ok Tangela, bind it!" Thunder said nothing, until the vines hit Blob. "Toxic now!" The muk unleased a foul smelling liquid into Tangela, causing it to back away and retract its vines. "Now use pound!" Blob oozed over the vine pokemon, and Erika once again was forced to reacall her pokemon. "Your better than most trainers, but now face my last pokemon. Go, vileplume! Petal dance!" A large Vileplime came out, and shot razor sharp petals at the Muk. Blob was trapped in the petels, and Thunder was forced to recall him. He thought for a second, and sent out Cujo. "Take down now!" Amazingly, Cujo complied and slammed into the plant. He did the same move again, and Vileplume was out. "Very well, you have defeated me. She handed him a Rainbow badge. Cujo was scaring some oddish's, but Thunder quickly picked him up. "Sorry about that, he gets agressive." Just then, Cujo grabbed his sleeve, and pulled Thunders trench coat off. Erika gasped. "You...your a Raichu!" She fainted. Thunder growled, slipped on his trenchcoat and headed outside. "You stupid furball!" He screamed at the Eevee. Cujo just laughed. Somethng in him snapped, and he kicked the Eevee across the street, producing several gasps from onlookers. Cujo stood up, and pretended to be hurt, making himself look more in pain than he actually was. Several people scolded Thunder. "That...does it....i've had enough of you humans!" Thunder screamed, tossing off his trench coat. "Yea, I'm a Raichu! And I'm also a Rocket! let me prove this aint no costume!" He thundershocked Cujo powerfully. The small Eevee flew back several feet, blood trickiling out its mouth. It's eyes looked up, sincerly pleading for mercy. Thunder growled,grabbing his trencho coat. He recalled Cujo back into his pokeball, and lept onto a building, making his way into the horizon. The crowd stood there a full 30 seconds, before everyone ran to find a pay phone, and report this newest menace. As Thunder made his way to Saffron, he cursed himself. He had let his emotions get out of control, and wounded Cujo more than he meant to. Sure the furball was rude an hated him, but for some reason, he found himself unable to abandon the small pokemon. He tucked the trenchcoat down a bit more as he steped into the pokemon center and handed Nurse Joy his pokemon. <[^;^]> Beware the Chibi-Pika! Pikachu: Blepabi! Misty: Pikablu is real i tell you! Real! Brock: Boy, that Nestina is hot! Ash: The weed really fucked you three up, didn't it? Teacher: Are you sleeping in class? Student: No, i'm not...zZzZzZzZz