From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: [PW] Lost x3 Date: Monday, June 21, 1999 11:21 AM There was a large cave in the face of a mountain facing Shock and Scy. The mountain had a path going up it. "If we go to the top of the mountain, we will be able to see where we are and be able to find a way to get to Viridian City," Shock said. "Let'ss go," Scy said. They headed up to the mountain and started along the path. The path made several twists and turns as it wound up the mountain. Suddently, Shock heard a noise behind him. "SSSSccccyyyy!" Scy cried out. "What is-" Shock's voice died on his lips when he saw what had happened. Scy had walked too close to the edge of the mountain and had fallen off. He was barely hanging on for his life. "Help me!" Scy cried to Shock. "Okay," Shock said, reaching for his pokeball. "Go, pokeball!" Shock threw the pokeball and Magnemite popped out. "Magnemite!" Magnemite said. "Magnemite, float over to Scy and help him up," Shock said. "Mag-ne-mite," It said. "Hurry!" Scy cried, "Speed up!" Magnemite floated under Scy and started to push him up. "Mag-Ne-Miteee," It said, under strain of Scy's weight. "Be quiet," Scy said. Shock started to help Magnemite by pulling Scy up from the top. After about 10 minutes, Scy was up on the path again. "Thanksss," Scy said to Magnemite and Shock, "I owe you one." "Yeah you do," Shock said, "Magnemite, return!" They continued along the path. They were almost to the top of the mountain when Shock fell down. "Oww!" He said. He tried to stand up, but fell right back down. His leg was stuck in a hole, at an angle. "Help me out of here!" "Okay," Scy said, "Go, Firel!" Scy threw his pokeball and his Ninetails apeared. "Firel, use your claws to dig Shock out of this hole." "Ninetails!" Firel said. It started digging and soon, Shock was free. He had a large bruise on his leg. Shock tried to stand up. He did, and they started walking again to the top, with Firel following them. Shock was limping ahead of Scy and Firel. He reached the top of the mountain first. When Scy and Firel caught up to him, They looked around. Victory road was to the west, and Viridian City was to the east. "Let's take route 22 to Viridian city," Shock said. "Okay," Scy said. "Firel, return!" Scy said. Shock and Scy then started down the mountain. Because Shock was limping, he fell behind Scy. Scy had to walk slower than he usually would to wait for Shock. TBC.........?