From: Ncnc123 <> Subject: [PW] Lost x6 Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 2:14 PM Shock watched Scy enter the Viridian City gym. He waited for a minute then turned and headed towards Viridian forest. Shock didn't know how long Scy would be, so he decided to look around for 10 minutes and then head back. Shock walked around the edge of the forest, keeping the tree line in view. He didn't want to get lost in Viridian forest again. Shock walked around, and found a clearing near the tree line. There was a large rock in the center. Shock decided to go and sit down. He took out a cigarette and lit it. After a few minutes of smoking the cigarette and staring at the trees, Shock saw a Weedle climbing a tree. A Pidgey swooped down, trying to eat the Weedle or something. It fell down from the tree. The Pidgey flew away. Shock knew that Weedle could evolve, but he didn't remember what it evolved into. "Pokéball, go!" Shock said. Magnemite popped out. "Supersonic, now!" Magnemite let out a supersonic wave strait at Weedle. Weedle was weak, so Shock threw a Pokéball at it. After the light on the Pokéball went off, Weedle belonged to Shock. "Magnemite, return!" Shock cried. Magnemite returned to its Pokéball and Shock walked over and picked up Weedle's Pokéball. Scy was probably done battling Giovanni, so Shock headed back to the Viridian City gym. Shock got back to the gym, and asked the guards if Scy had come out yet. They said no, and so Shock walked around the outside of the gym to see if there was any windows that Shock could look into and see Scy's battle against Giovanni. There weren't any windows that showed the battle arena, but there was an open window that led into a dark office. Shock took off the lock on the window, preparing for that night. Then he returned to the front of the gym to wait. Scy came out after a few minutes. He was holding the Earth badge. ------------------------------- Scy and Shock returned to the Viridian Gym that night when it was dark. Shock opened the window that he had taken the lock off of, and entered the office. He then helped Scy into the office. "We have to find that Sssscyther," Scy said. "Yeah, I know," Shock said. They headed out of the office and into the main hallway. "We should split up and look in each room separately," Shock told Scy. "Okay," Scy agreed. He headed down the left hallway, while Shock headed down the right. They looked in every room, and soon were about to meet in the middle hallway. After a while, there was only one room left to search. Shock opened the door, and Scy looked in. The Wild White Siberian Scyther was staring at them from a cage in the center of the room. "Scyyyyyther!" It said. "We should get this Scyther out of here," Shock said, "There's a key over there." Shock pointed to a key rack over a bookshelf in the corner of the room. Scy walked over and grabbed the key. "Got it," He said. He brought the key over to where Shock and the Scyther were, and stuck the key into the lock. The lock popped open and the door swung open. "Stop right there!" The lights in the room flickered on. "Huh?" Shock asked. The two Team Rocket members then recited some poem that made Shock want to vomit, and then called out their Pokémon. "Go, Likitung!" The girl cried. "Go Victreebel!" The man cried. "Go, Weedle!" Shock cried. Then he laughed as the Victreebel started to chew his owner's head. "Go Firel!" Scy cried. "Ninetails!" Firel cried. "Firel, Fire blast, Now!" Scy cried. Firel let out a blast of fire that burnt the man's Victreebel to a crisp. It stopped chewing on its owner's head and fell over, fainted. "Victreebel, return!" the man said. "Weedle, poison sting, now!" Shock cried. Weedle inched up to Likitung and stung it in its side. Likitung was surprised that Weedle could be such a powerful Pokémon, and fell over. "Get back up!" The girl cried, "We still have a battle to finish." "Likitung," It said, and got up. "Wrap, now!" The girl cried. Likitung shot its tongue out and surrounded Weedle. Then it started to squeeze Weedle. Weedle squeezed out from between the tongue and stung Likitung again. "Firel, hyper beam, now!" Scy cried. Firel charged up and shot a powerful beam of many colors from its mouth. The beam hit Likitung, and it fainted. "Likitung, return!" The girl shouted as she and the man ran out of the room. "Firel, return!" Scy said. "Weedle, return!" Shock said. Shock, Scy, and the white Siberian Scyther headed out of the gym. "This Scyther goes to the Safari Zone, right?" Shock asked Scy. "Right," Scy said to Shock. They all headed to the Pokémon center. "How may I help you?" Nurse Joy asked. "Please heal my Pokémon," Shock said, "And can you please send this Pokémon to the safari zone?" He pointed to the White Scyther. "Yes, I can transfer the Scyther to the Fuchsia City Pokémon center, and my sister can take it to the Safari Zone," Nurse Joy said. The white Scyther went into a Pokéball and Nurse Joy took it and transported it to Fuchsia City. She then took Shock and Scy's pokéballs and left the room. She came back a few minutes later, with all the Pokémon healed. Shock and Scy took their pokéballs and left the Pokémon center. "Where sshould we go now?" Scy asked. "We can go to Cinnibar Island," Shock said, "Although we'll have to pass through Pallet town to get there." "Okay," Scy agreed. They started out of Viridian City towards Pallet town. TBC...............? I'm bored.