From: <> Subject: [PW!][TH]Lt. Surge Comes Clashing Down Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999 2:37 PM After the gang had finished healing their pokemon they decided to go to the pokemart in search of a pokedex for Scy. "Excuse", Zephyr said as they entered the market. "Hello, and welcome to Sandy's Pokemart", said Sandy cheerfully. "Yes, we were looking for a basic pokedex", said Zephyr as he looked around the store. "It just happens that we do indeed have some", said Sandy as she brought out one. "I'll take it", said Scy as he handed her the money using his two blades. "Ok thank you and come again", said Sandy as the team left the store. "How do I use thisss", said Scy. "Its simple you point at the pokemon you want information for and you push this button", said Zephyr as he tied the pokedex around Scy's neck. "Thankss", said Scy. "Well there's a gym here lets go check it out", said Zephyr as they walked towards the gym. As they entered the gym they saw a huge sliding door guarded by a junior trainer. "If you want to pass you're going to have to beat me", said the trainer. "Ok, go Starstorm", said Zephyr as his starmie appeared. "Go Voltorb", said the trainer as he threw a pokeball. "Voltorb tackle", said the trainer. "Starstorm dodge and counteract with ice beam", said Zephyr as his starmie dodged the rolling Voltorb before freezing it. "Voltorb return. You win", said the trainer as he opened the huge door. "I'll go first then you can go", said Zephyr to Shadowboxer. "I'm not going to battle him. I have a feeling we'll be returning, so I'll get it then", said Shadowboxer as he and Scy stepped into the sidelines. "Lt. Surge I challenge you", said Zephyr as Lt. Surge appeared. "Lets do this. Go Pickachu", said Lt. Surge as his Pikachu appeared in front of him. "Go Aero", said Zephyr as he called out his butterfree. "Pikachu thundershock", said Lt. Surge. "Aero dodge and counterattack with pin missles", said Zephyr as his butterfree barely dodged the lightining before covering pikachu's body in pins. "Pikachu return. Go Voltorb. Voltorb self-destruct", said Lt. Surge as his voltorb exploded knocking Aero out. "Go Raichu",said Lt. Surge throwing his last pokeball. "Aero return and go Avalanche", said Zephyr as his sandshrew appeared out of the pokeball. "Raichu thunder", said Lt. Surge as Raichu tried to zap Avalanche but had no effect. "Avalanche sand- attack then slash at it", said Zephyr as Raichu was covered in dust. Avalanche then came up from behind and slashed at it with all his might. The Raichu was instantly knocked out. "Congratulations you have earned this", said Lt. Surge as he handed Zephyr the Thunderbadge and the thunderbolt TM. "I'll take the next challenger in a minute", said Lt. Surge as he went to the pokecenter. Lt. Srge then came back and waited for the next challenger. TBC....... Tauras its Scy's turn now Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.