From: Tiger1129 <> Subject: [PW] Meeting with the Crazy Clefairy Man. Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 10:40 AM "Caverns, tunnels and more caverns. Geez are we ever going to get out of this mess?" Jake asked as they reached yet another dead end. "No you won't, you won't ever get out of here." They both turned around, to see a man in a white lab coat, behind him were dozens of Clefairies. "You have intruded in our mountain, for this you must die!" He said, "Allow me to intruduce myself, My name is Seymour the scientist, leader of the Clefairy tribe of Mount Moon." He then turned to his tribe of clefairies. "What is the verdict? do these trespassers live or die?" He asked. "This guy is completely mad." Clarissa whispered. Seymour turned around. "Oh no I'm not mad, I'm just insane!" He said and laughed. "Now you die" The crowd of Clefairies parted and a large Clefable came forward. "Meet our Champion, Big Joe the Clefable." He said. "Fable!" Jake gritted his teeth. "Alright, you want a pokemon match? You got one!" He took one off his belt and threw it out. "Talon go!" the ball bounced once, then didn't open. "What?" Jake asked. Seymour laughed. "My Clefairy are using there psychic attack to keep you pokeballs closed." Jake tried all of his pokemon, none of their pokeballs opened, Clarissa tried all of her's with the same result. "Big Joe! Finish them, Their defenseless without their pokemon!" Jake growled savagely. "I might not have my pokemon, but I'm not totally defenseless." He stepped forward and took off the coat concealing his wings. they snapped into their full span. He took a fighting stance. Seymour and Big Joe were momentarily taken aback by the sight of Jake's silver wings, they shook out of it and Big Joe stepped forward. "Fable!" "No wait Jake" Clarissa cried. "You can't fight that Clefable, it's just doing what it's trainer is telling it too." Jake nodded. "Yeah your right, but what else are we going to do?" TBC The Saint