From: Tauras <> Subject: [PW!]Mystery at the Game Corner Date: Monday, June 14, 1999 7:37 PM "Ninetales!" said Firel. "Fire Blast!" said Scy. Firel blasted the Koffing with fire. It fainted. "Good job!" said Scy. The man next to the poster ran. Scy leaned against the wall, his blade tore the poster. "There's something under the poster!" said Shock, as he ripped it off the wall. There was a little switch. He pressed it, and a door opened. "Cool, lets check this out!" said Shock. "Ok, come on out everybody!" said Scy, calling out all of his Pokemon. Bluff lifted Bivalve onto his Porygon, then got on. They began to decent into the basement. They evaded a few Rockets, nothing looked too different. "Yes, get the agents in here. I need to brief them on how to steal from our customers. I need you to put the odds on the machines to nearly impossible, this will be our greatest day!" said Giovanni. Scy and Shock heard him. "Oh man" said Shock. "We have to stop him. I think I might just have a way" replied Scy. He whispered his plan to Shock, who nodded. The 2 men walked out of Giovanni's office. They were slit at the neck, by a blade, they both fell to the ground. "What the?" said Giovanni. "Magnemite!" said Magnemite, as he flew in. He set up a electric barrier around the leader of Team Rocket. "Jim, Spark, get in here!" yelled Giovanni. "I'm sorry, but we've taken care of them too" said a mysterious voice. "Your reign here has ended" said another. Giovanni began to get a little scarred, he pressed the silent alarm. Scy, and Shock walked in. "I'm afraid, that I'm going to stay here for a while longer" said Giovanni. Scy heard the clapping of feet, a few seconds later the room was filled with Rockets. They tied Scy, and Shock to the wall. Scy stomped on the ground 3 times, as a signal. Magnemite put a hologram around him, and made one of himself. The Rockets couldn't find him, so they gave up. "Scy!" yelled Scyther. He broke the rope with his blades. His Pokemon came running into the room. Omelet put them to sleep with his Sleep Powder. Magnemite re-appeared, ready for action. Scy sliced through the ropes restraining Shock. They pulled everybody out of the room, except for Giovanni. He unlatched 2 Pokeballs from his belt. "We'll have a 1 on 1 Pokemon Battle. If I win, you let me go. If you win, you can turn me in" said Giovanni. He released a Wartortle. "Go Magnemite!" said Shock. "Water Gun NOW!" yelled Giovanni. "Magnemite, dodge it, and counter with Thundershock!" said Shock. Magnemite easily dodged, and released a blast of electricity at Wartortle. It was nearly finished. "Wartortle, give it your Bubble attack!" said Giovanni. "Sonic Boom!" said Shock. The bubbles popped upon hitting Magnemite, who fired a blast of sound at Wartortle. It fainted. "Return. Go Charizard!" said Giovanni. Scy walked up. "Stalker, use your Wing Attack!" said Scy. Stalker beat Charizard with his wings rapidly. "Flamethrower attack NOW!" said Giovanni. "Agility attack!" said Scy. Stalker began to rapidly fly around Charizard. Charizard ended up burning its tail (the base of the tail) with his flame. "Finish it with Swift!" said Scy. Stalker opened his mouth. Stars began to fly out of his mouth. They smashed into the dragon, sending it flying into the wall. It fainted. "Very good, but I'm sorry, I'm not going to let you turn me in" said Giovanni. He threw a ball onto the ground. It exploded in a puff of smoke. When it cleared, Giovanni was gone. "We were SOOOO close!" said Shock. "Magnemite" said Magnemite. There will be other times, I know" said Scy. They left the Game Corner, discouraged. "Maybe we should head to Cerulean City, while I was there I never got the badge" said Scy. He waited for Shock to answer. -- Tauras24! E-mail: AIM: Tauras24 ICQ: 34504139(Tauras) Sent via Share what you know. Learn what you don't.