From: Mac Maguire <> Subject: (PW)Nate goes on Date: Friday, June 11, 1999 12:42 PM "Yes we do have pokeballs" The man says. "Can I have some?" Nate asks. "Yes 1 for 5 dollars." The man says. "Ohh I'll be right back i'm going to see if I have more money" Nate says. Nate comes back with 40 dollars in his hand. "OK i'll take 8 balls" Nate says. "ok keep one dollar any more?." The man says. " No thank you bye!" Nate says. Nate waves goodbye to the man while he leaves. "Ok I better be heading to Viridian city." Nate tells himself. While he heads to viridian city somebody gives him a potion for a sample of the Viridian City Pokemart. Before he gets there he runs into a level 5 pigey. Nate sends out sperow. "Sperow peck!" Nate yells. Sperow uses peck then pigey uses sand-atack Spearow uses peck again. Pigey uses gust then Spearow uses peck and Nate captures pigey. Then when Nate gets to Viridian City he runs to the pokecenter to heal his pokemon. Then he goes to the gym but it is locked! -Goku162 To be continued