From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] No place like home Date: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 9:16 PM Mobius101 wrote: > Untouched and radiating an aura of power and mystery, a giant moonstone lay. > It gave everything from Diggy to Seth's hair a silver sheen. Floating there in > the water, he had a sense of awe despite himself. All his life, Seth had doubted those who prayed to any god. Following Giovanni's teachings, he thought religious types to be merely weak- minded, self-deluding fools, pursuing a dream of heavenly rewards that was and could only be the desparation of those unwilling to work towards creating heaven in their own lives. He sometimes wondered how someone could possibly get that out of touch with reality, to honestly believe in 'God'. Now, he finally understood what they felt. This place was...holy. That was the only word he could think of to describe it. And it was also raining small pebbles. Wait a minute... Seth dodged to one side just before Aerie splashed down where Seth had been. At least, he thought it was Aerie who came down; it certainly was Aerie's face that broke the surface. "Geez, Aerie, couldn't you at least say 'look out below'?" "Sorry. I almost forgot what was below the floor." Aerie playfully splashed Seth. "Besides, you look cute when you're all wet." Seth blushed. "Thanks...hey!" Only belatedly realising the poke, Seth frowned at Aerie, who was stifling a giggle. "Sorry, couldn't help it." She took a deep breath to calm herself, then looked around. "So this is what it looked like before it was 'decorated'." "This was part of your home too?" "Sort of. There's a rough tunnel over in the corner; you can climb it, but it's not exactly stairs. Shortly after Doppler moved in, some group found this place and set up a church. Something about Wigglythulu. They were a little annoying, always objecting when we tried to use this pool for swimming, so we learned to swim when they weren't here. I got tired of their attitude, so one night, I took a bottle of spray paint to that moon stone and some of their icons. Everyone vouched for each other that none of us did it; the church took the hint and left. Doppler never said anything, but I think he was proud of me." Seth raised an eyebrow. Aerie shrugged off his look. "Hey, I was just a kid at the time. I barely knew what I was doing. As far as I knew, they deserved it for taking away our pool. We never did clean the spray paint off, though. Doppler said it looked better than it used to; more real, less...well, his exact words were, 'less attractive to those who seek enlightenment from beings that do not exist'." "Just what did you put on the stone, anyway?" "Oh, just an image of Wigglythulu...could've been any Wigglytuff or Jigglypuff, really...getting stuffed into a launcher by a Clefairy." Aerie, hiding her awe at the room's natural beauty well if she was indeed impressed, began swimming for one corner of the pool, and beyond it, the tunnel. "Come on, we'd probably better get Slasher before he mauls Marshmallow or that Eevee." TBC?