From: Roberto Perez-Vila <> Subject: [PW!] [NC] Not a Clue! Date: Saturday, June 19, 1999 12:09 AM Thunderclap. The storm continues to pour outside of the mansion whose walls are all painted black, which might make the mansion very hot on the inside during a long day in the middle of summer, but fortunately for those living inside, it's night time. It is located on top of a cliff near Azure Heights. This mysterious house is known simply as "The Estate." Another thunderclap silhouettes the manor against the darkness of the night. A knock is heard on the massive doors. A butler who has spent his entire life taking care of the mansion for the strange and lonely man who owns it walks towards the door in a very stiff manner. He looks through the peephole, then creaks the door open. "YIKES"! Robert exclaims, stumbling into the mansion with a soaking Mithril-rama following close behind. He isn't any dryer than her, since neither of them had an umbrella. Robert shivers as he looks at the butler, "Hey, Jeeves, where is this place? Who's in charge? Where's the bathroom?" The butler in the tuxedo stands still, answering his questions in a snooty voice, "The name... is Winsley. You are on top of Nightshade Hill, in the northern mountains. My boss, Mister Rasoul, is in charge here. The bathroom is down the hall, the twenty-third door to your left. May I ask you what you are doing here on such a night?" "Ooooh, long story with tons of loopholes... Not important enough to mention!" Robert looks up at Winsley with a nervous smile, and upon noticing how the butler isn't amused, explains his story anyhow, "Okay, see... I was trying to find a Snorlax after not being able to capture one in Celadon... and I heard they live in the mountains, so I came here." "But how did you scale the mountains without equipment?" Winsley asks, his expression remaining the same. Robert laughs awkwardly, "See?! I told you there were loop holes! Oh yeah, and don't be surprised if there's more guests coming soon, because I saw a busload of people outside!" "A busload?" Winsley asks, glancing casually at the window near the door. "But why would they be here?" Robert shrugs, "I... don't know...loopholes... but I'm freezing my butt off, and I need to pee, so I must be going to the bathroom!" Without a second thought, he dashes down the seemingly endless hall to a bathroom, hoping he doesn't get lost. Mithril-rama raises a hand in greeting, "Hi... Winsley..." "Hello, miss. Are you going to be staying here for the night?" Winsley inquires, not even smiling once. "I dunno..." Rilli answers, looking outside the window, "But probably... with the storm and all." Winsley nods politely, "Feel free to visit the rooms here... Just don't go to the Library. Mr. Rasoul is reading, and he'd rather not be disturbed. The rooms you can visit are the Kitchen, the Laundry Room, the Living Room, the Observatory, the Billiard Room, the Entertainment Center, or the Main Lavatory, which your friend is currently occupying." Mithril-rama sits down on a chair near the entrance. She tightens her arms over her wet shirt, "Do you happen to have a towel or a room where I can change into some dryer clothes?" Winsley nods, then points down the main hall, "Twenty-third door to your left. Wait for your boyfriend to finish." -Robert (( NS: Okay, whoever wants to participate in the rip-off of "Clue," just make a post where your character shows up at the Estate. It's all NC anyhow, so it doesn't have to make sense how or why you're there. If I get enough people, I'll randomly choose a character to commit a certain crime, and we'll have to use our deductive powers to figure out who-dunnit! Yes, I know it's a stupid idea, but it's MY stupid idea! In the name of NC! ))