From: Cat-Gonk <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [NC] Not a Clue! Date: Sunday, June 20, 1999 3:24 AM Meeh! Meeh caheeh! Roberto Perez-Vila <> caheeh meeh!: >Thunderclap. The storm continues to pour outside of the mansion whose >walls are all painted black, which might make the mansion very hot on >the inside during a long day in the middle of summer, but fortunately >for those living inside, it's night time. It is located on top of a >cliff near Azure Heights. This mysterious house is known simply as "The >Estate." Another thunderclap silhouettes the manor against the darkness >of the night. A knock is heard on the massive doors. (Does it have to be PW-NC? If it does, just wipe this.) "Ack!" Cat-Gonk's jump-packs fused in the rain, sending the Space Marine plummeting towards the ground below. "I knew I shoudn't have entered the PokeWars sets!" He fumbled for a grav-chute, but to no avail. "Damn you and your sushi bar Moof!!!!" he yelled into the darkness. The ground raced up to meet him, but by some miracle Minder the Chanseraph rushed past and caught him. "What are you doing here?" asked Cat-Gonk as Minder set him down on the sodden earth. "You know that you break the rules of the PW-FAQ! If Dreadite sees you you're toast!" "Chansiiii!" Its golden wings and halo still shimmered visibly in the pitch-black night, helping Cat-Gonk find his way across the precarious slopes. "Chansey chan seeeey!" "Agreed. Where the heck is Maulbat?" A purple Pokeball hung open from Cat-Gonk's belt, so the Golbat was probably fluttering around somewhere in the Pokewars Sets, a direct violation of the PW-FAQ. "I can't release him here, he'll eat someone's character!" "Chansey." "You're no help at all, are you?" "Chan.. Sey." "Don't Bide me, thankyou." "Chan." With a touch of its nurse's hat, Minder was gone. "Fine," thought Cat-Gonk. " I'll have to stay somewhere, my clear-skies jump pack's out. Hmm, that mansion looks strangely inviting." He turred to the skies, visor protecting his face from the heavy rain. "I wouldn't happen be writing myself into a PW, would I?" With a leap of his power-armour, Cat-Gonk landed squarely at the entrance to the seemignly beckoning manor. "You're not writing me, are you?" he asked the dark skies. "Of course not," was Goddish's reply. He knocked twice, and waited for a reply. Cat-Gonk. ---------------------------- Do you believe in Goddish? Azure Heights Theorist Prime. Best of AIM- Draedite: ^_^ We shall posth in thye old speech! Spelling doth not bother us, for they had not literacy in those foul times. ^_^ CatGonk: Aye, for the vile WebTV users know not of English Draedite: That be a plague apon our fair lands... Warning- Cat-Gonk contains coarse language